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European History/A Background ofEuropean History
completely absent. The history of early Europeans is, therefore, a history of their tools and settlements. The Neolithic period was a period of human development
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Brief History of Europe/Early Middle Ages
such as Turkic and Uralic peoples. Indo-Europeans can be divided into Germanic peoples, and Indo-Europeans who were not Germanic such as Greco-Romans
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Brief History of Europe/Europe since 1914
Europe since 1914 includes the end of the late modern period, and the contemporary period, which was from circa 1945 (post World War II) to the present
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European History/The Crises of the Middle Ages
to supply Western Europe with furs, timber, beeswax, and fish. The High Middle Ages also saw Europeans returning from Crusades in the Middle East, where
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National Etiquette Differences in Europe
Romance-speaking people. But today, more Europeans express themselves as Europeans thus a polyglot cultural entity. Also in Europe race issues are not common; slavery
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Brief History of Europe/High Middle Ages
The High Middle Ages was circa AD 1000–1300, or 1000–1250. States and territories ofthe High Middle Ages included: Northern Europe Britain Isles included
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Brief History of Europe/Print version
It was followed by forced conversions and expulsions of Muslims; even some moriscos (i.e. Muslims who had converted to Christianity) experienced expulsion
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European History/Renaissance Europe
The Italian Renaissance of the 13th and 14th centuries spread through the rest of Europe, representing a time when Europe sought knowledge from the ancient
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Brief History of Europe/Classical antiquity and the rise of Islam
called the Quran are the word of God; later teachings, called the sunnah, are composed of hadiths (sayings). Followers are usually called Muslims. The Early
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World History/The Middle Ages in Europe
to Muslims in the south, Vikings in the north, and Slavs to the east. When Louis died in 840, his three sons battled for the throne. The Treaty of Verdun
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European History/Europe: 1945 to Present
As Europe enters a new era, with two world wars still residing in the collective memory, peace and prosperity seems likely to continue. The Soviet Union
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European History/A Brief Outline ofEuropean History
pushed out Jews and Muslims under Ferdinand and Isabella Protestant Reformation 1517 Austria slowly loses dominance to Spain Age of Exploration, Spain
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European History/Challenges to Spiritual Authority
this period of European history, the Catholic Church, which had become rich and powerful, came under scrutiny. For over a thousand years the Christian religion
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US History/European History
The peoples of Europe have had a tremendous effect on the development of the United States throughout the course of U.S. history. Europeans "discovered"
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European History/Europe: 1918 to 1945
The end of World War I saw the European combatant nations exhausted, an entire generation of young men dead on the battlefield, and political conditions
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Saylor.org's Ancient Civilizations of the World/Abbasid Society and Culture
medieval Europe. Muslim alchemists influenced medieval European alchemists, particularly the writings attributed to Jābir ibn Hayyān. A number of chemical
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Brief History of Europe/Late Middle Ages
The Late Middle Ages was circa AD 1300–1500 or 1250–1500. States and territories ofthe Late Middle Ages included: Northern Europe British Isles included
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European History/Print version
note, however, that all the ruling families ofEurope were related to each other in some form or fashion. This led to many Europeans feeling that it was a
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Saylor.org's Ancient Civilizations of the World/The Fall of Rome’s Empire and the Rise of Medieval Europe
keeping Muslim influence out of most ofEurope. "Martel", meaning "The Hammer", was a reference to his weapon of choice. Martel's son, Pepin III the Short
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CH 12 Medieval Europe/Barbarians to Kingdoms
kingdom of Muslims who controlled most of North Africa). Between 780 and 800, Charlemagne added Bohemia to his empire and subdued the Avars in the middle
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