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Egypt to open Gaza Strip crossing for humanitarian and medical aid
aid convoy bound for Gaza" — Wikinews, May 31, 2010 "Egypt opens Gaza border after Israel ship clash" — Reuters, June 1, 2010 Ali Waked. "Egypt opens Rafah
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Israeli military launches airstrikes into Gaza Strip
Ronen. "IAF Bombs Hamas Terrorists Targets in Central Gaza" — Arutz Sheva, February 1, 2009 Ali Waked. "Report: IDF warns Rafah residents to evacuate"
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Hamas leadership refuses Egyptian cease fire initiative (category Gaza Strip)
it, others quietly blame Hamas. A resident of Gaza, a driver in profession, identified only as Abu Ali for fear of Hamas' retribution, said "Everybody
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Gaza cease fire rocked by latest killing of youths
— Associated Press, April 9, 2005 Ali Waked and Hanan Greenberg. "IDF kills 3 boys in Gaza" — Ynet News, April 9, 2005 "Gaza violence jeopardises truce" — BBC
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Six year old girl and five others killed, Hamas arrests 200 Palestinians (category Gaza Strip)
crackdown on Fatah" — Times Online, July 27, 2008 Ali Wakad and Reuters. "After the explosion in Gaza: Hamas arrested 200 Fatah operatives" — Yedioth Ahronoth
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Explosion blasts Palestinian intelligence service HQ
northern Gaza. He was with several bodyguards in an elevator when an explosion blasted the building. Abu Rajab's bodyguard and nephew, Ali Abu Hassira
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Leaked Syrian government emails indicate weapons supplied to Hamas (category Ali Khamenei)
helicopters and Ukrainian made weapons to Hamas, which operates mostly from the Gaza Strip in Palestine. "1.2D projectiles of Ukraine origin found in Egypt and
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UN endorses Israel-Palestinian war crimes report
committed by both Israel's military and Palestinian armed forces during the Gaza conflict that began last December. The controversial report concluded that
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Egypt recalls envoy in Israel (category Gaza Strip)
Collaborate! Pillars of Wikinews writing Writing an article Yasser Reda Ali Abdullah Said, the Egyptian ambassador in Israel, was recalled by the Egyptian
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Suicide bomber strikes Israeli coastal town
showing a scene of absolute devastation and confusion. Islamic Jihad of Gaza has claimed responsibility, which was in response to an Israeli killing of
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Israeli army reoccupies Tulkarem in West Bank
closure was ordered on the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The closure will hold until the assessment of the situation changes
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Hamas wins Palestinian election
132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council. "Hamas has won more than 70 seats in Gaza and the West Bank, which gives it more than 50 percent of the vote," said
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G8 Summit debates Middle-east crisis, WTO trade talks (category Ali Khamenei)
called for the safe return of the Israeli soldiers who were abducted in Gaza and Lebanon, an end to shelling of Israeli territory, asking Hezbollah to
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