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National Transitional Council
AbdAllah Banoon – City of Tripoli Abd al-Nasser Salem – City of Tripoli Abd al-Basset Abadi – City of Tripoli Abd al-Nasser Nafaa – City of Tripoli Salih Darhub
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2019 Egyptian protests
professors of political science at Cairo University, Hazem Hosny and Hassan Nafaa. The wave of arrests was the biggest in Egypt since Sisi formally became
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Party lists for the April 2019 Israeli legislative election (section Hadash–Ta'al)
Hosin Morid Mahmmud Fathi Sabitah Mohamed Haj Yehiah Sami Yassin Niroz Nafaa Osama Karam Tamar Kadiri Dror Sadut Ali Yassin Bassam Abu Yassin Zahi Salama
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