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Peruvian cumbia
Peruvian cumbia is a subgenre of "Chicha" that became popular in the coastal cities of Peru, mainly in Lima in the 1960s through the fusion of local versions
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cumbia Cachaca, a fusion of cumbia sonidera, norteña, vallenato and cumbia villera Peruvian cumbia; Chicha or Andean tropical music Amazonian cumbia or
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Chicha Libre
the seminal Peruvian chicha band, Los Hijos del Sol). The band's music is based on chicha, a fusion of rock and roll and cumbia produced by the native
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Cumbia (Colombia)
and techniques from Chicha and Huayno in their stylings or as songs. Grupo Fantasma was a Peruvian-Mexican cumbia group. Andean Cumbia, is a style that combines
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Cumbia villera
Cumbia villera (locally [ˈkumbja βiˈʒeɾa] or [ˈkumbja βiˈʃeɾa]) (roughly translated as "slum cumbia", "ghetto cumbia" or "shantytown cumbia") is a subgenre
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Pentatonic scale
42:48:56:63:72) Pentatonic scales occur in many musical traditions: Peruvian Chichacumbia Indian classical music, both Hindustani and Carnatic traditions Indigenous
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Juaneco y Su Combo (category Cumbia musical groups)
Juaneco y Su Combo is a Peruvian cumbia band formed in Pucallpa, Peru in 1966. Juaneco y Su Combo was originally founded by the amateur saxophonist Juan
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Tecnocumbia (redirect from Sound (cumbia))
the creation of the Andean cumbia (Commonly called "Chicha music" in Peru). Using the Andean cumbia as a base, in the middle of the 1990s the Tecnocumbia
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New Chilean cumbia
New Chilean Cumbia also known as New Chilean Cumbia Rock (Spanish: Nueva cumbia chilena, Nueva cumbia rock chilena) is a subgenre of cumbia music that
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Cumbia (Panama)
(chicha) porque todos los de su raza eran muy borrachos y amigos del baile y la juerga. An English translation of the quote above would be: Cumbia comes
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Tula Rodríguez
Vírgenes de la cumbia" (2005) TV series "Amores como el nuestro" as Maribel Romero (2006) "Ferrando, de pura sangre" (2006) TV mini-series Chicha tu madre (2006)
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La Yegros
AllMusic. "La Yegros – Chicha Roja (Official Video)". Soundway Records. Retrieved 5 February 2016. "Interview: La Yegros – Queen of Cumbias (March 2019)". Rhythm
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Cariñito is a Peruvian cumbia song written by Limeño Ángel Aníbal Rosado in 1979 and first interpreted by the Peruvian group Los Hijos del Sol. Readapted
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Lorenzo Palacios Quispe
Jackal). He was called by his fans El Faraón de la Chicha ("The Pharaoh of Chicha music-('Peruvian Cumbia')). Chacalón was born in one of the squatter settlements
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Fiestas Patrias (Chile)
Patrias the preferred drink is chicha, a lightly alcoholic beverage typically made from grapes, although apple chicha is popular in southern Chile. Red
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Andean music (section Cumbia)
tune played on the quena. Afro-Bolivian Saya Chicha - Originated in Peru the late 1980s as a fusion of cumbia and huayno music. Waylas Huaylarsh - Originated
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L'Été indien
version in the style of Peruvian cumbia (also known as "chicha") called "Indian Summer" exists by Brooklyn-based band Chicha Libre The Joe Dassin version
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Peruvian cuisine
substituted by lamb, chicken, or beef) is made in a pot after marinating in chicha de jora (corn beer) and spices including cilantro and garlic. This dish
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Tropical music
meaning and began to be used in order to distinguish Caribbean genres such as cumbia and son cubano from inland genres such as tejano and norteño. Due to its
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Karen Dejo
films Talk Show and Chicha tu madre. In 2008, after her departure from the comedy show she was working on, she conducted the cumbia show Sábados Tropicales
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