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Bolivian cumbia Chilean cumbia New Chilean cumbia, a subgenre derived from Colombian cumbia Costa Rican cumbia Mexican cumbia Southeast cumbia or chunchaca
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Cumbia (Colombia)
Cumbia [ˈkumbja] is a folkloric genre and dance from Colombia. Since the 1940s, commercial or modern Colombian cumbia expanded to the rest of Latin America
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Pastor López (category Cumbia musicians)
Indio Pastor" (Pastor the Indian), was a Venezuelan singer-songwriter who worked primarily in the style of Cumbia. He started out singing Joropo in a group
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Cumbia villera
Cumbia villera (locally [ˈkumbja βiˈʒeɾa] or [ˈkumbja βiˈʃeɾa]) (roughly translated as "slum cumbia", "ghetto cumbia" or "shantytown cumbia") is a subgenre
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Music of Latin America (section Venezuela)
encompasses a wide variety of styles, including influential genres such as cumbia, bachata, bossa nova, merengue, rumba, salsa, samba, son, and tango. During
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New Chilean cumbia
New Chilean Cumbia also known as New Chilean Cumbia Rock (Spanish: Nueva cumbia chilena, Nueva cumbia rock chilena) is a subgenre of cumbia music that
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Cumbia (Panama)
Cumbia [ˈkumbja] is a musical genre and folk dance from Panama, inherited between Colombia and Panama as a single republic before their separation in 1903
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2019 in music
singer and guitarist (Morning Teleportation) 5 Pastor López, 74, Venezuelan cumbia singer-songwriter and bandleader Shawn Smith, 53, American alternative
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Brenda Asnicar (category Argentine people of Venezuelan descent)
Juana Carbajal series Cumbia Ninja, which achieved international success. She also became a member of successful music group Cumbia Ninja in the series
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Tropical music
meaning and began to be used in order to distinguish Caribbean genres such as cumbia and son cubano from inland genres such as tejano and norteño. Due to its
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Lisandro Meza
playing the accordion in 1959, Lisandro has been described as the “King of Cumbia,” “El Macho de America” (ENG: The man of the Americas) and the “Master of
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Music of Colombia (section Cumbia)
actually holds over 1,025 folk rhythms. Some of the best known genres are cumbia and vallenato. The most recognized interpreters of traditional Caribbean
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Bomba Estéreo
Mejía. Their music has been described as "electro tropical" or "psychedelic cumbia". The origins of the group go back to 2001 when Bogotá native Simón Mejía
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La Colegiala
iconic song composed in 1975 by Walter León Aguilar, leader of the Peruvian cumbia formation Los Ilusionistas and made hugely popular by the Colombian singer
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Luisín Landáez (category Chilean cumbia)
Requena (17 August 1931, Higuerote, Venezuela – 16 November 2008, Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile) was a Venezuelan-Chilean cumbia singer who was popular in Chile
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No sé
video which was shot in Spain. In 2021, Peruvian cumbia group Explosión de Iquitos released a Cumbia version of the song. This version instantly became
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consensus. › Vallenato (Spanish pronunciation: [baʝeˈnato]), along with cumbia, is a popular folk music genre of Colombia. It primarily comes from Colombia's
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Udaipur World Music Festival
Training Institute Ground Jazz Fusion by ITALY MEETS INDIA Afro Beat VenezuelanCumbia by FAMILY ATLANTICA Fusion Rock Band by PAPON AND THE EAST INDIA COMPANY
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Billo Frómeta (category Venezuelan bandleaders)
Likewise, he was considered the most animated interpreter of Colombian cumbia, for which he was Honored Luis María Frómeta Pereira was born in Pimentel
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De los Reyes
Texas, USA El Regreso de los Reyes, debut studio album by Mexican-American cumbia group Cruz Martínez y Los Super Reyes This page lists people with the surname
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Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle
package the coffee. Or we see an appliance for listening to music like cumbias, rancheras or corridos, or whatever, and we see that it is very good because
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