NDF Rebellion
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NDF Rebellion
Part of the Arab Cold War

CIA map of the NDF area of operations in May 1982
Date1978 – 1982
(4 years)
LocationNorth Yemen
ResultGovernment victory
 North Yemen
Islamic Front
Supported by:
 Saudi Arabia
 Republic of China
 United States
Supported by:
 South Yemen
 Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Ali Abdullah Saleh
Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar
Yahya Shami
Sultan Ahmad Umar [ar]
Abdul Fattah Ismail
Internal conflicts
in modern Yemen
The NDF Rebellion was an uprising in the Yemen Arab Republic by the National Democratic Front, under Yahya Shami,[2] between 1978 and 1982.[3]
1.11978 start
1.2May 1982
2See also
1978 start​[​edit​]
The rebellion began in 1978, following the death of Ahmad al-Ghashmi and the rise to power of Ali Abdullah Saleh.[3] The NDF was supported in its rebellion by the PDRY[3] and Libya.[2] The NDF enjoyed various successes throughout the war, although it was weakened by the peace treaty between North and South Yemen following the 1979 border war.[3]
There were several attempts at ceasefires between the government and the NDF. Kuwait managed to facilitate the signing of a ceasefire between the government and the NDF on 26 November 1981, although hostilities re-erupted in December 1981.[2] Later, the Palestinian Liberation Organization was able to mediate a ceasefire agreement on 3 April 1982, however hostilities began again later the same April, with the NDF capturing Juban. Government forces in turn attacked NDF positions in Juban in May 1982.
May 1982​[​edit​]
PDRY support for the NDF diminished under the Presidency of the less overtly militant Ali Nasir Muhammad​,​[3] and PDRY support for the NDF finally ended in May 1982.​[2]​Dhamar​, a major NDF stronghold, sustained major damage during the 1982 North Yemen earthquake​.​[4] The NDF was eventually defeated by a rejuvenated YAR Army in conjunction with the pro-government Islamic Front, allowing the YAR government to finally establish control over the North-South border region.[3]
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List of wars involving Yemen
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