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Trialpears (talk | contribs)
(Education program talk namespace is no more)
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Jonesey95 (talk | contribs)
(Fix Linter errors (misnested brackets when the error is inside a URL link))
Line 9:Line 9:
 tname = 'Webarchive', -- name of calling template. Change if template rename. tname = 'Webarchive', -- name of calling template. Change if template rename.
 verifydates = true, -- See documentation. Set false to disable. verifydates = true, -- See documentation. Set false to disable.
 +default_df = 'iso', -- must be set with one of: 'mdy', 'dmy', 'iso', 'ymd'
 } }
Line 23:Line 24:
 ['User']=true, ['Talk']=true, ['User_talk']=true, ['Wikipedia_talk']=true, ['File_talk']=true, ['User']=true, ['Talk']=true, ['User_talk']=true, ['Wikipedia_talk']=true, ['File_talk']=true,
 ['Template_talk']=true, ['Help_talk']=true, ['Category_talk']=true, ['Portal_talk']=true, ['Template_talk']=true, ['Help_talk']=true, ['Category_talk']=true, ['Portal_talk']=true,
['Book_talk']=true, ['Draft_talk']=true, ['Module_talk']=true,+['Book_talk']=true, ['Draft_talk']=true, ['Education_Program_talk​']=true, ['Module_talk']=true,
 ['MediaWiki_talk']=true, ['MediaWiki_talk']=true,
 } }
Line 59:Line 60:
 local prefixes = { local prefixes = {
at = 'at',+[false] = 'at',
atthe = 'at the',+[true] = 'at the',
 } }
Line 80:Line 81:
 local services = { local services = {
['archive.ec'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.ec'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.fo'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.fo'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.is'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.is'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.li'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.li'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.md'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.md'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
 ['archive.org'] = {true, 'Wayback Machine', nil, 'wayback', categories.wayback}, ['archive.org'] = {true, 'Wayback Machine', nil, 'wayback', categories.wayback},
['archive.ph'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.ph'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.today'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.today'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
['archive.vn'] = {false, 'archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},+['archive.vn'] = {false, 'Archive.today', nil, 'archiveis', categories.archiveis},
 ['archive-it.org'] = {false, 'Archive-It', nil, 'archiveit'}, ['archive-it.org'] = {false, 'Archive-It', nil, 'archiveit'},
 ['arquivo.pt'] = {true, nil, 'Portuguese Web Archive'}, ['arquivo.pt'] = {true, nil, 'Portuguese Web Archive'},
Line 164:Line 165:
 conflicting = 'Conflicting |$1= and |$2=', conflicting = 'Conflicting |$1= and |$2=',
 empty = 'Empty url', empty = 'Empty url',
-- iabot1 = 'https://web.http', -- TODO: these iabot bugs perportedly fixed; removing these causes lua script error 
-- iabot2 = 'Invalid URL', -- at Template:Webarchive/testcases/Production; resolve that before deleting these messages 
 invalid_url = 'Invalid URL', invalid_url = 'Invalid URL',
 ts_nan = 'Timestamp not a number', ts_nan = 'Timestamp not a number',
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