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Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) Mar 28, 2020 After Napoleon's 1815 defeat at Waterloo, Europeans had created nation-states in the image and likeness of
35 KB (4,754 words) - 18:29, 4 March 2021
countries to look just like Britain and France. Some of them even said that the Europeans … were better Muslims than they themselves, because their modern society
8 KB (1,225 words) - 10:46, 25 June 2021
Eurabia (category Europe)
333 Europeans have just been better organized for genocide... Far from enjoying the prospect of taking over Europe by having babies, Europe’s Muslims are
46 KB (6,051 words) - 21:40, 16 August 2020
Ralph Peters (category Novelists from the United States)
do it–Europe's Muslims will be lucky just to be deported... p. 333 Europeans have just been better organized for genocide... Far from enjoying the prospect
8 KB (1,050 words) - 12:59, 2 October 2020
Geert Wilders (category Critics of theEuropean Union)
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims. The Guardian 'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam' (17 February 2008) The Koran is
45 KB (6,620 words) - 18:35, 2 June 2021
Ali Khamenei (category Shia Muslims from Iran)
Khamenei's shedding of tears for "the sufferings of Palestinian Muslims" are also unconvincing. To start with, not all Palestinians are Muslims. And, if it were
30 KB (4,383 words) - 16:42, 28 June 2021
Koenraad Elst (category Criticism of Christianity)
this has to be the secularist way of doing things. The existence of that temple had been a matter of consensus among Muslims, Europeans and Hindus, both
243 KB (36,624 words) - 17:38, 26 April 2021
Bernard Lewis (category Academics from the United Kingdom)
religion of power, and in the Muslim world view it is right and proper that power should be wielded by Muslims and Muslims alone. Others may receive the tolerance
38 KB (6,304 words) - 20:49, 15 May 2021
Robert Spencer (redirect from Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't)
dhimmitude from European leaders, Muslims are accomplishing today what they have failed to do at the time of the Crusaders: conquer Europe. If demographic
25 KB (3,459 words) - 17:32, 21 December 2020
Liberalism and progressivism within Islam(redirect from Moderate Muslims)
within Islam involve professed Muslims who have created a considerable body of liberal thought on the original interpretation of Islamic understanding and
9 KB (1,391 words) - 08:13, 15 October 2020
which of course is both in Asia and Europe. There are many predominantly Muslim countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and large minorities of Muslims are to
66 KB (10,017 words) - 14:17, 30 June 2021
George Friedman (category Businesspeople from the United States)
been the strength of the United States. In much of Europe, for example, Muslims have retained religious and national identities distinct from the general
11 KB (1,324 words) - 23:20, 24 April 2020
Oriana Fallaci (category Criticism of Islam)
.. The increased presence of Muslims in Italy and in Europe is directly proportional to our loss of freedom... The Muslims refuse our culture and try
20 KB (3,152 words) - 17:52, 19 February 2021
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (category Muslims from Turkey)
Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy. As quoted in "Turkey's Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely on the streets' if diplomatic
19 KB (2,381 words) - 12:25, 5 January 2021
Abdullah II of Jordan
1962) has been the King of Jordan since he ascended the throne on 7 February 1999 upon the death of his father Hussein. Address to the European Parliament
7 KB (998 words) - 11:15, 7 March 2020
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Muslims in Mosul", The Telegraph (5 July, 2014) Do not think the war that we are waging is the Islamic State’s war alone. Rather, it is the Muslims
44 KB (5,795 words) - 09:23, 20 October 2020
Xenophobia looks like becoming the mass ideology of the 20th-century fin-de-siecle. Eric Hobsbawm, in Divided Europeans: Understanding Ethnicities in Conflict
9 KB (855 words) - 20:53, 3 July 2020
Christopher Caldwell (category Journalists from the United States)
have really worried Europeans. The thing I worry about in Europe is that there is a logic of escalation in some of this. That the people whose voices
7 KB (899 words) - 05:10, 7 April 2020
Amir Taheri (section The Unknown Life ofthe Shah (1991))
touches their faith... To Muslims religion is not just a part of life. It is, in fact, life that is a part of religion. Muslims cannot understand a concept
92 KB (13,357 words) - 17:35, 9 April 2021
Pat Buchanan (category Political commentators from the United States)
persecuted by Europeans advance the unity and security of Europe? How is Europe made stronger by such "diversity"? Islamization of Europe is an unavoidable
47 KB (7,050 words) - 11:57, 2 October 2020
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