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The Origins of the Islamic State/Part 9/Chapter 11
began in the year 145. Hearing that Muhammad and Ibrahim, the sons of '​Abdallah ibn-Hasan ibn-Hasan, had thrown off their allegiance to him, al-Mansur
12 KB (2,315 words) - 03:47, 28 May 2021
The Consolidated List established and maintained by the 1267 Committee with respect to Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden, and the Taliban and other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with them
y) Fadil Abdallah Muhammad z) Abdallah Muhammad Fadhul aa) Fedel Abdullah Mohammad Fazul ab) Fadl Allah Abd Allah ac) Haroon Fadl Abd Allah ad) Mohamed
284 KB (45,876 words) - 04:12, 17 July 2015
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al Madinah and Meccah/Volume II
Shami (Syrian): it is red outside, very sweet, and costs one piastre: the Turki is large, and of a white colour: and the Misri has a greenish rind, and
612 KB (109,852 words) - 05:13, 2 January 2021
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al Madinah and Meccah/Volume III(section Chapter XXVII. THE FIRST VISIT TO THE HOUSE OF ALLAH.)
fetlock-deep. At dawn we found our companions halted, and praying at the Kahwat Turki, another little coffee-house. Here an exchange of what is popularly called
227 KB (40,533 words) - 08:56, 17 April 2012
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Egypt/3 History
Abdalazīz (ʽAbd al-ʽAzīz) b. Merwān, 65–86 (685–705). ʽAbdallah b. ʽAbd al-Malik, 86–90 (705–708). Qurrah b. Sharīk al-ʽAbsī, 90–96 (709–714). ʽAbd al-Malik
750 bytes (74,690 words) - 22:26, 25 January 2020
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Arabia
they could not retain their hold on the interior. In 1824 Turki, son of the unfortunate Ābdallah​, headed a rising which resulted in the re-establishment
395 bytes (36,313 words) - 20:31, 1 August 2015
9/11 Commission Report/Chapter 4
for trial.The Kingdom’s emissary would be its intelligence chief, Prince Turki bin Faisal.Vice President Al Gore later added his thanks to those of Tenet
106 KB (17,752 words) - 17:01, 13 April 2012
Iraq Study Group Report/Appendices
Ambassador to Iraq Tony Blair—Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Prince Turki al-Faisal—Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States Nabil Fahmy—Ambassador
55 KB (7,709 words) - 23:14, 17 December 2019
Selections from Muhammadan Traditions
out his officers, he laid these conditions upon them. 11 Do not ride on Turki horses, and do not eat flour, nor clothe yourselves in fine clothes. And
628 KB (117,947 words) - 06:06, 30 March 2021
a district...."—Forbes, Or. Mem. 2nd ed. ii. 5.] TANGA, s. Mahr. ṭānk, Turki tanga. A denomination of coin which has been in use over a vast extent of
341 KB (52,870 words) - 12:58, 27 August 2021
Popular Science Monthly/Volume 64/November 1903/The Renaissance of Science
motions could be formulated. The Moors of Spain, the Arabs of Bagdad, the Turkis of Samarkand grasped the same fundamental idea, and other astronomers in
644 bytes (10,089 words) - 09:53, 28 September 2018
First Footsteps in East Africa/Chapter 3
left hand grasping the barrel, where with us the breech would be. Hassan Turki had one of those fine old Shishkhanah rifles formerly made at Damascus and
374 bytes (8,644 words) - 08:02, 7 February 2018
suggested to us whether the word has not come rather from the Persian Gulf—​Turki ḳarāwul, 'a scout, an outpost, a vanguard.' Doubtless there ​are difficulties
784 KB (62,218 words) - 12:53, 27 August 2021
United States of America v. Usama bin Laden/Day 2 6 February 2001
is from Iraq? 5 A. From Iraq, and I met Abdallah​. 6 Q. And Abdallah​, A-B-D-A-L-L-A-H, is the person Abdallah​, 7 what country was he from? 8 A. Saudi Arabia
248 KB (41,033 words) - 00:14, 29 November 2008
obligation or bond. For technical uses see Wilson. The word is apparently Turki or Mongol. c. 1267.—"Five days thereafter judgment was held on Husamuddin
441 KB (68,629 words) - 12:56, 27 August 2021
Egyptian Self-Taught/Vocabularies
rūmi Greek yunāni Greece bilād er rūm, yūnán Turkey bilād et turk Turkish turki His Highness the Khedive el khedéywi His Highness (Our Lord) effendīna Egypt
326 bytes (198 words) - 08:59, 1 July 2015
List of Individuals Detained by the Department of Defense at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from January 2002 through May 15, 2006
DEEN ABD AL FUSAL 309 United Arab Emirates Dubai, UAE 6/5/1975 11 ABD AL WAHAB, ABD AL MALIK 37 Yemen Ibb, YM 1/1/1979 12 'ABD AL-RAZAQ '​ABDALLAH HAMID
110 KB (88 words) - 14:43, 13 April 2017
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