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Author:Hector Hugh Munro
Sheep The Oversight Hyacinth The Image of the Lost Soul The Purple of the Balkan Kings The Cupboard of the Yesterdays For the Duration of the War Works by
10 KB (517 words) - 21:18, 23 July 2020
The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Slavs
Southern Slavs, besides Russians, Serbs, etc. The European War and the Balkan wars of 1912-13 exacted a heavy toll of Slav blood. The great losses of
20 KB (3,057 words) - 21:46, 10 March 2021
Short Stories from the Balkans/Foolish Jona
Short Stories from the Balkans translated by Edna W. Underwood Foolish Jona by Jan Neruda 2548469Short Stories from the Balkans — Foolish JonaEdna W. UnderwoodJan
402 bytes (1,401 words) - 20:46, 12 October 2019
Short Stories from the Balkans/Furor Illyricus
Stories from the Balkans translated by Edna W. Underwood Furor Illyricus by A. von Vestendorf 2547687Short Stories from the Balkans — Furor IllyricusEdna
354 bytes (2,296 words) - 21:14, 16 July 2019
The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/The Slavs
that eventually became Austria-Hungary and over nearly the whole of the Balkan peninsula; and it is from the same regions that, from the seventh to the
639 bytes (4,739 words) - 13:31, 12 March 2021
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Thrace
that intervened between the river Ister (Danube) and the Haemus Mountains (Balkan) had been formed into the separate provinces of Moesia, and the region between
249 bytes (1,736 words) - 00:01, 17 December 2017
Short Stories from the Balkans/Brother Cœlestin
Stories from the Balkans translated by Edna W. Underwood Brother Cœlestin by Jaroslav Vrchlický 1638335Short Stories from the Balkans — Brother CœlestinEdna
398 bytes (6,300 words) - 20:45, 12 October 2019
The Russian Review/Volume 1
 1916 February 1916, No. 1 CONTENTS. Translated by P. Leonov LITERATURE, MUSIC, ART. Translated from the Russian. Translated from the Russian. Rendered
15 KB (105 words) - 01:46, 22 April 2017
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Michael Obrenovich III.
father, in liberating all the Servian people, and if possible all other Balkan Christians, from direct Turkish rule. But while this programme made the
416 bytes (931 words) - 20:58, 28 June 2017
Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Rich, Claudius James
v.], the ambassador, and in 1814 he prolonged his journey through the Balkan provinces to Vienna, and thence to Paris, then in the hands of the allies
313 bytes (987 words) - 22:47, 28 December 2020
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Servia
an inland kingdom of south-eastern Europe, situated in the north of the Balkan Peninsula. The frontier, as defined by the Berlin Treaty of 1878, is, roughly
990 bytes (17,684 words) - 18:27, 1 December 2020
The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/The great New York manifestation
spirit-murderer. This spirit-murderer must be killed. That will be done if the Balkan nations form a barrier to Germany. “You have read of the peace move of AustriaHungary
557 bytes (973 words) - 20:06, 14 April 2021
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Reinach, Joseph
being called in 1887. He attracted the attention of Gambetta by articles on Balkan politics published in the Revue bleue, and joined the staff of the Republique
6 KB (913 words) - 15:19, 25 November 2020
Copyright, Its History and Its Law/Conspectus
or 42* mo.) Montenegro Fr., It. Uncertain Bulgaria protection Uncertain Balkan 1896? protection States Servia No protec- tion Roumania Aus., Belg., Fr
349 bytes (1,067 words) - 12:17, 26 October 2019
Short Stories from the Balkans/All Souls' Day
Short Stories from the Balkans translated by Edna W. Underwood All Souls' Day by Jan Neruda 2548467Short Stories from the Balkans — All Souls' DayEdna W
433 bytes (3,581 words) - 21:39, 3 April 2021
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Dalmatia
and crownland of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula, and on the Adriatic Sea. Dalmatia is bounded, on the landward
434 bytes (5,822 words) - 19:38, 22 December 2017
Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches/The Soul of Laploshka
and his cheeks took on the mottled hues of an ethnographical map of the Balkan Peninsula. That same day, at sundown, he died. "Failure of the heart's action
337 bytes (1,774 words) - 19:05, 24 February 2013
The Lady of the Shroud/Book VIII
at every beat till, in true Balkan fashion, the dance became a very agony of passionate movement. At this point the music slowed down again, and the mountaineers
49 KB (8,909 words) - 18:21, 14 April 2012
Submerged Forests/Advertisements
Prof. E. J. Rapson, M.A. The Peoples of India. By J. D. Anderson. M.A. The Balkan Peoples. By J. D. Bourchier. Canada of the present day. By C. G. Hewitt
310 bytes (1,098 words) - 21:40, 8 February 2020
Author:George W. Bush/Presidential Proclamations
Efforts in the Western Balkans, and Persons Responsible for Wartime Atrocities in That Region Proclamation 7453 − Black Music Month, 2001 Proclamation
89 KB (7,036 words) - 22:38, 12 July 2019
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