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Evidence-based assessment/Bipolar disorder in youth (assessment portfolio)
(C) The episode does not meet the criteria for F30.1 Mania without psychotic symptoms, F30.2 Mania with psychotic symptoms, F31.- Bipolar affective disorder
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Iranian Nuclear Crisis Timeline/2006
progress." Source: n.a. "Safavi: Enemies Fear Iran's Regional Clout." IranMania. December 30, 2006. News Report Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin
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Evidence-based assessment/Bipolar disorder in adults (assessment portfolio)
extreme fluctuations in mood (or emotional dysregulation that ranges from mania (as shown by displays or feelings of extreme happiness, unrealistic overachievement
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Iranian Nuclear Crisis Timeline/2007
Khamenei's representative to the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani, offers Irtanian help in developing Egyptian nuclear program under
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Microbiome and Mental Health
manifestations. Bipolar Disorder varies greatly and is defined by the presence of mania or depression in different regards. Previous studies have demonstrated that
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(alegori'a) ali'a alien (ali'a) (ali'a) alius (ali'a) (ali'a) (ali'a) alia (ali'a) (ali'a) ali'a other (ali'a) (ali'a) alius (ali'a) (ali'a) otro (ali'a) alia
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