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Spanish 1
Activities – Country focus: Estados Unidos Adjectives – Country focus: Cuba School – Country focus: República Dominicana The Classroom – Country focus: Puerto
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Psycholinguistics/Pidgins, Creoles, and Home Sign (section Case Study: Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL))
an interesting case of homesign-turned-sign-language in Nicaragua. In the history of Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL) we will see that homesigns are capable
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Blowback, leaks, and U.S. national security
Iran to get money to fund the [[w:Contras|]] in their war against the Nicaraguan government; at that time existing U.S. law prohibited both trade with
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Christian Thought From the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century/Roman Catholic Globalization
of the Church in Latin America) ... ... How did the moral philosophy towards indigenous people that was taught by the "School of Salamanca" influence
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Comparative law and justice/Honduras​(category Comparative law and justice in North America)
Ocean to the South and is located between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The capital is Tegucigalpa. Honduras became an independent nation in
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Rainwater harvesting/Small rainwater harvesting system
blocks. A low-cost option is the brick cement tank, used in for example Nicaragua and Ghana. The following projects utilize rooftop rainwater harvesting
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Spanish: An Introduction/About Spanish(section Indigenous Languages of Latin America)
Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, & Venezuela. 1)
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Comparative law and justice/Costa Rica(category Comparative law and justice in North America)
be found in Central America with its captital being San Jose. Costa Rica is bordered by Panama to the east and south and Nicaragua to the north. The Pacific
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Conservation Entrepreneurship/Definition/Social Entrepreneur Examples
only became profitable after 3 years. They began trading coffee from Nicaragua during a US embargo of that country, thus from the get go demonstrating
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Ethics/Nonkilling/Political Science (section Killing in American Culture)
possible?” Four major fields of American political science were represented equally in the seminar: political theory, American government, comparative politics
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Conservation Entrepreneurship/Annotated Bibliography
Fair Trade organic production (including trade benefits) for small-scale Nicaraguan farmers that could improve their wellbeing, while also protecting the
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