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teach at any major Nicaraguan university. The same also applies for other fields. Be aware, however, that courses and majors at Nicaraguan colleges and universities
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León (Nicaragua)
museums in Central America, located in four inter-connected colonial houses. Excellent collection of 20th century Nicaraguan and Latin American art, but there
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Granada (Nicaragua)
Private collection of over 5,000 Nicaraguan Pre-Columbian ceramics. Free.  Mombacho Beach Club. The heat in Nicaragua is hard to stand, so you'll love
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Southern Pacific Coast (Nicaragua)
international (i.e. western) tourists, the food you will get is still mostly Nicaraguan. However the selection is definitely wider than in most of the rest of
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Central America
America is the thin section of land that links the North American continent with the South American continent. Geographically part of North America,
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Mexican American history
lesser extent, the Bay Area's Nicaraguan, Salvadoran and Guatemalan community. While Mexican, Salvadoran, and other Latin American businesses are pervasive
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Managua (category Capital Region (Nicaragua))
biggest metro area in Central America and by far the biggest city and urban center in Nicaragua. Almost every fourth Nicaraguan is a Managuan and the city
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Costa Rica (category Central America)
Juan, which belongs to Nicaragua but runs along the border, became a hot button issue. One point of contention was Nicaraguan drainage operations on the
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Latin America
are American and the attitude of Latin America to the five-hundred-pound gorilla up north is highly ambiguous and at times contradictory (Nicaragua, a
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San Juan del Sur (redirect from San juan del sur, nicaragua)
(San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua), ☏ +505 2563-7000. 7AM-10PM daily (bar is open until 11PM). Serving unique international and Nicaraguan gourmet fare, guests
24 KB (3,228 words) - 20:58, 10 March 2021
Jinotega (category Northern Highlands (Nicaragua))
bonus.  For a full Nicaraguan experience, you can try out some of the many Internet cafes located around the city. Many Nicaraguans don´t have Internet
25 KB (3,616 words) - 18:20, 29 January 2021
Esteli (category Northern Highlands (Nicaragua))
schools in the town. CENAC 505 2 713 5437 Esteli Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools (NSLS) +505-8941-4889 nslscontact@yahoo.com Esteli Spanish School
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Isla de Ometepe (category Southern Pacific Coast (Nicaragua))
5879963 Puerto de Gracias) (4 hours) for C$104 (first class) second class (Nicaraguan nationals only): C$46. On Tuesday and Friday there is a ferry coming from
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Guatemala (category Central America)
required of everyone except citizens of the following Central American countries: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. There is a treaty of free movement between
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Chicken bus (category Topics in Central America)
Chicken Buses can be primarily found in Central American countries — Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. A "Chicken Bus" or
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Baseball in the United States (redirect from Baseball in North America)
to High School to College, and professional leagues range from the lowest Minor Leagues to Major League Baseball. In almost any place in America, there
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Laguna de Apoyo (category Capital Region (Nicaragua))
along the route, takes close to an hour. As elsewhere in Nicaragua, old North Americanschool buses are used; it is usually possible to transport oversize
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Finca Sonador
Sandinistas, most of the Nicaraguans returned to their home countries. Families of Salvadorian refugees replaced the Nicaraguans, and landless Costa Rican
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Presidents of the United States (redirect from American presidents)
Court, and James K. Polk, who launched the Mexican American War. But over time, beginning with the American Civil War, the role of the president has expanded
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Historical travel (section North America)
North America that passed through Nicaragua; Route 66, which existed from 1926-1985 but continues to be marketed for nostalgia tourism; and the American Industry
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