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Europe attracts more tourists than any other continent: over 600 million international visitors annually, more than half of the global market. Out of
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European history
Europe has a great deal of history and has strongly influenced other parts of the world, and many of its historical sites are now tourist attractions.
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World War II in Europe
European theatre saw combat from September 1939 to May 1945. The war was by far the most destructive conflict in European history in terms of loss of
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Islam (redirect from Muslims)
together Muslims from all over the world. Some Muslims also make pilgrimages to various other holy sites. Many sites built in the name of Islam are on the UNESCO
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Asia (redirect from Overland Europe to South-Asia)
2166666666675 Jerusalem—containing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City, this city is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims 19.075989972.87739286 Mumbai—most
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Islamic Golden Age (redirect from Expansion of Islam)
southern Europe, with the flourishing of art, commerce and science. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam who is credited by non-Muslims with founding the religion
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Africa (section From the dawn of humanity to the first empires)
attacks against non-Muslims, mostly targeting other Nigerians, but there is still a significant risk to Westerners. The region around the Niger River delta
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Middle East (section Other destinations)
Christians and Muslims. 21.422539.8261111111118 Mecca — forbidden for non-Muslims to enter, this is the holiest city in Islam and well known for the Hajj. 35
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Silk Road (section Around the desert (Tarim Basin))
Asia from China to Europe. One poem calls it "The Golden Road to Samarkand". In 2014, UNESCO added "Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan
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Hajj (redirect from One month in the Muslim Holy Land)
The traditional annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims and is the largest annual gathering of people in
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Ottoman Empire (category Topics in Europe)
the Renaissance in Italy and other parts ofEurope. The disruption of the Silk Road encouraged Europeans to find a sea route to Asia, inspiring the Voyages
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Monarchies (redirect from European monarchies)
to the Gulf's sole surviving synagogue. Although the majority of Bahrain's population is made up of Shia Muslims, the royal family is Sunni Muslim. 27
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Spain (redirect from Kingdom of Spain)
Visigoth ruler apparently called for the Umayyad Muslims to help in his fight against some rival or other. (The historical records for this era in Spain
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Guinea-Bissau (redirect from Republic of Guinea-Bissau)
reports of Europeans reaching this area come from 1456 CE/AD. The rivers and coast of this area were among the first places colonized by the Portuguese
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Cameroon (redirect from Republic of Cameroon)
of Muslims in Black Lands", also carries out attacks and harsh punishments. Highwaymen and other bandits also operate in some parts, particularly the
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Senegal (redirect from Republic of Senegal)
captives to the Portuguese. Members of the Waalo Kingdom (a Wolof vassal state) were commonly the victims of captive raids. Sometimes the Europeans incited
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Caribbean (redirect from Islands of the Caribbean)
cities of the Americas can be found in the Caribbean. Perhaps no surprise as this was where Columbus and other Europeans first set foot in the New World
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British Raj (section Europe)
empires came quite close. The last two of these were in conflict when the British and other Europeans arrived. The great Muslim Mughal Empire ruled a substantial
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Balkan cuisines (redirect from Cuisines ofthe Balkans)
internationalized in the same way as the Italian or Greek cuisines, the South Slavic and Albanian diaspora have brought their cuisine to other parts of Europe. Bread
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Central Asia (section Other destinations)
ties with the Turkic Muslims to the west (despite being Mongolic Buddhists of the Tibetan Rite) and are offended by being compared to the Chinese, and
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