Salafist Scholars Shura Council support presidential hopeful Abu-Ismail
MENA, Saturday 24 Mar 2012

The Salafist Scholars Shura Council endorses Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail for the presidency after four-hour meeting

The Salafist Scholars Shura Council announced Saturday endorsing presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail.

The decision was made by the council after a four-hour meeting headed by Abdullah Shaker and his deputy Mohamed Hassan, a renowned Salafist cleric.

Prominent sheikhs, such as Mohamed Hussein Yakoob, Mustafa El-Adawi and Waheed Bali, are also members of the council.

El-Adawi said after the meeting, "The council decided to support Abu-Ismail because he is the most suitable and competent for the job."

Presidential hopeful Abu-Ismail, who is considered to be among the frontrunners for Egypt's presidency, is expected to gain more popularity after being backed by the Salafist Scholars Shura Council.

Apart from Abu-Ismail, Abdel-Monem Abul-Fotouh and Mohamed Selim El-Awa are the other two prominent contenders from the Islamist current.