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Egypt - Politics
Ethiopia lacked 'sincere' will to reach agreement on GERD dispute in a decade of negotiations: Egypt's irrigation minister
9/21/2021 6:10:00 PM
The minister said that Egypt has consistently shown throughout those years a strong political will and good faith to reach a legally binding agreement on the rules for filling and operating its hydropower projects
Egypt - Politics
Rainfall over Nile’s headwaters in Ethiopia expected to continue till end of September: Egyptian irrigation minister
9/19/2021 5:20:52 PM
Egypt is recording an increase in the Nile s output for the second month in a row, with the water level rising above the riverbanks in some areas of Greater Cairo last week
Egypt - Politics
Sudan FM decries Ethiopia for 'fabricating problems' over GERD, borders
9/18/2021 8:12:27 PM
'We recognise Ethiopia's right to benefit from development sources, but this should not harm other Blue Nile basin countries,' Al-Mahdi said
Egypt - Politics
Tunisia 'astonished' by Ethiopia's reaction on UNSC statement on GERD dispute
9/17/2021 2:53:52 PM

Egypt - Politics
Sisi discusses GERD, regional developments with the King of Bahrain
9/16/2021 8:23:02 PM
King Al-Khalifa of Bahrain reiterated his country's support and solidarity with Egypt and Sudan including all efforts to safeguard their legitimate rights and water security in the Nile River
Egypt - Politics
Egypt received plan from DR Congo to resume AU-sponsored GERD talks: FM Shoukry
9/16/2021 4:55:22 PM
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry affirmed Egypt s full readiness and flexibility to study the proposals introduced based on the Congolese plan and provide feedback to the DR Congo s presidency
Egypt - Politics
Egypt, Sudan welcome UNSC statement on GERD, Ethiopia claims it's not binding
9/16/2021 1:53:49 PM
The settlement should be a mutually acceptable and binding agreement on the filling and operation of the GERD within a reasonable time frame, the UNSC said in a declaration drafted by Tunisia
Egypt - Politics
Cairo welcomes UNSC presidential statement on GERD
9/16/2021 2:10:30 AM
The UNSC has urged all parties involved to continue supporting the negotiation track
Egypt - Politics
UNSC expected to issue presidential statement urging resumption of GERD talks: Diplomatic sources
9/15/2021 6:13:22 PM
The anticipated draft statement will not be a substitute for the Egyptian-Sudanese draft law on the GERD submitted to the UNSC in July by Tunisia
Egypt - Politics
River Nile's flooding inundates areas of corniche banks in Greater Cairo
9/12/2021 12:24:06 PM
Small ponds were formed along the Nile's banks, with tens of juvenile fish seen swimming in groups on the piers overlooking the Nile, according to local media reports
Egypt - Politics
Ethiopia claims it 'withstood pressures' from Egypt and Sudan to 'internationalise' GERD dispute
9/9/2021 3:47:17 PM
Ethiopia has frequently claimed that Egypt and Sudan attempt to exert 'unnecessary pressure' on Addis Ababa through different means, including the 'internationalisation and politicisation' of the GERD dispute
Egypt - Politics
Egyptian and Russian parliamentary speakers discuss GERD, joint projects
9/8/2021 3:23:37 PM
The meeting came on the sidelines of the World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which is being held in Vienna, Austria, between 5 and 8 September
Egypt - Politics
'Burundi believes that access to water constitutes a 'right to life',' FM Shingiro tells Shoukry
9/7/2021 10:15:51 PM
In remarks on the GERD dispute, Burundi FM said his country believes that access to water is a matter of 'life or death' and that the 'right to life' should come before 'the right to development'
World - Africa
Ethiopia Airlines says weapons seized in Sudan 'legal'
9/6/2021 3:56:56 PM
Relations are frosty between Khartoum and Addis Ababa, with the two countries at odds over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile and Ethiopian farmers' use of a fertile border region claimed by Sudan
Egypt - Politics
Sisi asks for 'serious' role by international community to help solve GERD dispute
9/4/2021 6:22:13 PM
The Egyptian president reiterated the need to reach a legally binding deal on the filing and operation of the GERD
World - Africa
Ethiopian army claims 'thwarting armed attempt to disrupt construction of GERD'
9/3/2021 3:00:00 PM
Inji claimed that the attackers carried light and heavy weapons as well as mines during their infiltration, but were thwarted by the Ethiopian army who are monitoring the area round the clock
Egypt - Politics
Ethiopia deems Tunisia’s GERD proposal to the UNSC ‘inappropriate’
8/26/2021 6:30:47 PM
Ethiopia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Redwan Hussein said Tunisia’s initial GERD proposal was in favour of Egypt and was 'rightly' rejected by the security council
Egypt - Politics
Arab countries have tools to pressure Ethiopia on its intransigence in GERD dispute: Arab Parliament speaker
8/26/2021 4:53:00 PM
Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al-Asoumi emphasised the need to take a strong Arab stance, to the point where he demanded a boycott of Ethiopia if its intransigence continued
Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
Dams and more: Peace projects in Africa
8/26/2021 10:00:00 AM
Egypt’s involvement in the construction of a massive dam in Tanzania sets a benchmark for cooperation on the continent of Africa
Egypt - Politics
Failure to exchange information on GERD incurs heavy costs on Sudan: Sudanese irrigation minister
8/25/2021 11:03:36 PM
There has been no impact from the dam on floods this year, however, failure to exchange information with Sudan regarding the dam forced the country to take costly precautions that have had a major economic and social impact
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