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Friday, 25 June 2021
Gamal Essam El-Din's Articles
Proposed legislative amendments to Supreme Constitutional Court's law, new safeguards for the economy?
Two new legislative amendments would give the Supreme Constitutional Court the right to revise international arbitration rulings if proven harmful to the local economy, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

Dismissing Muslim Brotherhood employees
Before adjourning for summer recess the House of Representatives will discuss a draft law that aims to rid extremists from government employ

Four Egyptian political parties declare their rejection of the country's 2021/22 budget
The four parties said the new budget discriminates against poor citizens who will suffer from higher prices and greater loss of subsidies in the new fiscal year

Egypt's parliament approves the country's new 2021/22 budget and socio-economic development plan
Egypt’s new 2021/22 budget targets revenues of EGP 2.365 trillion, while expenditures are estimated to reach EGP 2.837 trillion

Egypt earmarks 13% increase in allocations for education, higher education, health, scientific research in new budget
The four sectors will receive a total of EGP 727.8 billion, said the finance minister

Budget of Egypt's House of Representatives and Senate to exceed EGP 2 billion in FY 2021/22
The budget was increased after a new house of parliament — the Senate — was created last year

Egypt's parliament starts to discuss state's 2021/22 new budget, development plan Sunday
MPs are also scheduled Tuesday to ask Minister of Petroleum questions on policies in the oil sector

Egypt: Seven years under Sisi
President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi faced huge economic, security, and political challenges when he came to office seven years ago. Al-Ahram Weekly examines his success in tackling them

Egypt's parliament approves bill establishing a fund to spend on medical emergency services
The bill states that two per cent of the proceeds of sales of imported cosmetics and three per cent of the sales of insecticides will go to the fund

Parliament to discuss law permitting automatic dismissal of civil servants affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood
The draft law, which was approved by the House's Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee, targets terrorist elements working in the state's administrative system

Egypt's parliament approves US grant agreement to improve transparency in governance systems
The grant will help Egypt achieve comprehensive economic reforms across all sectors

Egyptian parliament approves a new law on sovereign bonds
The finance minister said the bill helps the government raise capital to spend on development projects

Egypt's parliament to discuss draft law on sovereign bonds (Sukuk) Sunday
The law will allow the Finance Ministry to issue Islamic sharia-compliant bonds necessary to raise capital for spending on development projects

INTERVIEW: An Egyptian voice of enlightenment
Al-Ahram Weekly talks reform of religious discourse, culture, and enlightenment with Cairo University President Mohamed Othman Al-Khosht

Egypt-US relations: Twists and turns in bilateral ties
Reviewing the ups and downs in Egyptian-US relations, and putting the current thaw in context

Egypt's Senate approves new bill establishing a fund to combat emergency medical expenses
The fund is designed to be spent on medical services not usually covered by the state budget.

Egypt's Senate approves 2021/22's socio-economic development plan with EGP 1.2 trillion in investment
Minister of Planning Hala ElSaeed said the new development plan aims to raise economic growth to 5.4 per cent, up from 2.6 per cent in current year

Egypt's Senate to discuss state's 2021/22 socio-economic development plan Sunday, Monday
The Senate is also scheduled to open a debate on new bill aimed at establishing a fund to spend on medical emergency units

Egypt amends Civil Service Law: More for state employees
Parliament has passed a bill to increase allowances for state employees

Business welcomes Sisi’s Gaza initiative
Local businessmen are ready and able to help reconstruct Gaza

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