Respectful Advertising
For Developers
EthicalAds is a privacy-preserving ad network targeting developers
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Reach developers
With reach to over 35 million developer impressions each month, we are an ad network for developers by developers. Simple integration and beautiful ads are just the beginning.
Focused and relevant
We believe ads can complement content. Every advertiser and publisher is hand approved to ensure that every ad is relevant and interesting and our audience remains developer-focused.
We believe in a better internet. That's why we support AcceptableAds, BetterAds, and DoNotTrack. We provide transparent reporting for advertisers, while respecting user privacy.
One tasteful ad
We focus exclusively on advertising to developers by showing a single high quality ad on the sites they visit. We allow topic targeting like data science or web development. Our privacy-preserving targeting gets great results for advertisers and more money for publishers.
Monetize your audience: Fund an OSS project or website with EthicalAds, a privacy-first ad network
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Over 1 billion ads served since 2016
Advertisers have success by targeting developers on the sites they frequent, without being blocked.
Developers trust our ads because our code is open source, and we're developers ourselves.
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Some of our publishers
Learn about how we help developers monetize their project and keep their development efforts sustainable.
RoutineHub is a community for sharing Siri shortcuts on iOS. EthicalAds helped them expand to meet demand during the last big iOS upgrade.
Learn more » uses EthicalAds to fund its large developer community and make the project sustainable.
Learn more »
Flask is one of the most popular Python web development frameworks. They use our EthicalAds to get funding for their community to maintain their software.
Learn more »
We understand developers
Whether you're trying to reach developers or you have a developer-focused site you are trying to monetize, we can help.
Market to developers
Reach millions of developers instantly on our advertising network. We allow targeting by topics and geography, so that you reach the exact audience that you want. Want to reach Data Scientists in the US? We can do that.
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Earn money from your site
Our EthicalAds network is a great place to generate revenue while increasing the privacy of the internet. We value the work you do in the tech industry, and want to let you focus on making it better without worrying about sustainability.
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