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Questions on your rights in the EU? Or your obligations?​Find answers on EU and national websites for citizens and businesses.
Entry and exit requirements within EU countries – which travel documents do you need to cross borders? Visas, identity cards, passports, etc.
Travel and covid: rules and restrictions
Documents you need for travel in Europe
Passenger rights
Transport and disability
Driving abroad
What can you take with you?
Security and emergencies
Package travel and timeshare
Brexit: travel documents for EU nationals residing in the UK / UK nationals residing in an EU country
Work & Retirement
Rights and conditions for EU nationals working, looking for a job or retiring in another EU country: social security benefits, taxes, qualifications for employment, etc.
Working abroad
Professional qualifications
Unemployment & benefits
Retiring abroad
Running a business
Starting, relocating, merging and closing a business, setting up a European company. Intellectual property, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and EMAS registration
Intellectual property
Developing a business
Digitalising a business
Internet and telecoms
Financial products and services
Unfair treatment
Energy supply
Consumer dispute resolution
Information on VAT rules, rates and refunds including special schemes for SMEs and supplying digital services. Excise duty rules and company tax.
Excise duties
Business tax
Product requirements
What are product requirements? How to identify product rules and requirements? How to carry out a conformity assessment procedure? Find out how to draw up technical documentation and an EU declaration of conformity.
Product compliance
Labels and markings
Recycling and waste management
Food labelling
Help and advice for EU nationals and their family
Practical guide to doing business in Europe
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