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Reinstalling WhatsAppMoving WhatsApp to an SD cardAbout supported Android devicesAbout rooted phones and custom ROMsHow to move your WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp BusinessAbout supported operating systemsHow to update WhatsAppAbout moving from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp BusinessHow to update the WhatsApp Business appCan't log out of WhatsAppAbout multi-device betaAbout linked devices
Verifying your numberHow to register your account with a missed callAbout registration and two-step verificationAbout two-step verificationHow to reset your two-step verification PINHow to manage two-step verification settingsAbout using one WhatsApp account on multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbersHow to verify your WhatsApp Business number
How to delete your accountHow to edit your profileHow to share products or services from a catalogHow to place an order using cartHow to use dark modeHow to change your phone numberAbout accessibility features on WhatsAppHow to free up storage on WhatsAppAbout sending messages on WhatsAppAbout account bansAbout seeing your phone number already in WhatsAppLost and stolen phonesAbout creating a business nameWhat is WhatsApp Business?Can’t connect WhatsApp to a Facebook shopCan’t access WhatsApp catalog when linked to my Facebook shopHow to request your account informationStolen accountsSeeing the message "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help."About catalogHow to view a catalogAbout data roaming chargesAbout your business profileAbout WhatsApp QR code for businessesAbout linking WhatsApp Business with Facebook and InstagramHow to add a WhatsApp Business account to an Instagram ProfileAbout the shopping buttonAbout Shops integration with the WhatsApp Business AppHow to link your WhatsApp Business account to a Facebook ShopHow to share links to your Facebook Shop in WhatsAppHow to share and view links to a Facebook Shop in WhatsAppAbout Cart How to use cart on WhatsApp BusinessAbout inactive account deletionAbout syncing WhatsApp Business with Facebook PagesHow to add a WhatsApp Business account to a Facebook PageAbout the WhatsApp business directoryDon’t recognize contact’s accountAbout changing phone numbersAbout changing phonesHow to change WhatsApp’s languageHow to search for businesses inside WhatsApp
How to restore your chat historyUsing emojiHow to manage conversation tonesHow to search WhatsAppHow to turn disappearing messages on or offHow to turn disappearing messages on or off in a groupHow to send and open view once mediaHow to send mediaHow to send GIFsHow to change your wallpaperHow to use broadcast listsHow to configure auto-downloadHow to send voice messagesHow to delete chatsHow to save your chat historyHow to manage your notificationsHow to edit photos and videosHow to use live locationHow to delete messagesHow to add and remove group participantsHow to manage group adminsHow to create and invite into a groupHow to exit and delete groupsHow to make changes to groupsHow to forward messagesHow to block or unblock a businessHow to use stickersHow to mute or unmute group notificationsHow to clear chatsHow to change group admin settingsAbout Google Drive backupsHow to archive or unarchive a chat or groupHow to back up to Google DriveHow to star or unstar a messageHow to configure the enter keyAbout forwarding limitsAbout last seen and onlineHow to format your messagesHow to reply to a messageAbout disappearing messagesAbout view onceHow to mention in a groupHow to use click to chatAbout chatting with businessesControls When Messaging BusinessesAbout using the shopping buttonGetting messages from businessesHow to message a business on WhatsApp from their Facebook ShopHow to migrate your WhatsApp data from iPhone to a Samsung phoneCan't migrate chat history from iPhone to a Samsung deviceCan't remember password for encrypted backupHow to view a Facebook shop on WhatsAppAbout creating stickers for WhatsAppAbout sticker suggestionsHow to pin a chatAbout opting-in to business chatsHow to do an internet search on forwarded WhatsApp messages
How to add a contactHow to delete a contactHow to scan a WhatsApp QR codeHow to share your WhatsApp QR codeHow to reset your WhatsApp QR codeHow to scan a business’ WhatsApp QR codeHow to add an international phone numberCan’t see a contact’s profile informationAbout WhatsApp QR codesHow to view your WhatsApp QR codeAbout contact upload
How to make a video callHow to make a voice callHow to make a group voice callHow to make a group video call How to use call waitingHow to use Messenger RoomsHow to add or remove your WhatsApp account from PortalHow to call a WhatsApp contact on PortalHow to switch between WhatsApp voice and video calls on PortalAbout Messenger RoomsWhatsApp Calling unavailable in some countries
How to block and report a contactAbout suspicious linksHow to use Android fingerprint lockHow to report a catalog or businessAbout WhatsApp permissionsAdding a passwordHow to check read receiptsWe’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyAbout the effective dateAbout Business FeaturesAbout unsupported appsAnswering your questions about WhatsApp’s Privacy PolicyAbout Business Terms of ServiceAbout responding to customer questionsBeing blocked by someoneAbout blocking and reporting contactsHow to stay safe on WhatsAppThe threat of traceability in Brazil and how it erodes privacyHow to change group privacy settingsAbout WhatsApp and electionsWhat is traceability and why does WhatsApp oppose it?Seeing "Waiting for this message. This may take a while."What does "This group has ended" mean?How to select a location when looking for businesses nearbyInformation for Law Enforcement AuthoritiesPrivacy and security for business messagesWhat information does WhatsApp share with the Facebook Companies?The Facebook CompaniesThe Facebook Company ProductsHow is your data used with Facebook Shops?About using optional Facebook Company features if you opted out of sharing WhatsApp account information with Facebook Which Terms of Service apply to youWho is providing your WhatsApp servicesAbout minimum age to use WhatsAppUsing the WhatsApp Business app to communicate with your customersContacts in your WhatsApp Business appHow to prevent the spread of misinformationHow to use WhatsApp responsiblyAccount security tipsHow to change your privacy settingsUnauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging on WhatsAppProtecting our users from a video calling cyber attackAbout account settings for WhatsApp Business accounts linked to a Facebook PageAbout spam and unwanted messagesGlobal Suicide Hotline ResourcesSecurity Code Change NotificationAbout security code change notificationsAbout end-to-end encryptionWhat's California's Shine the Light law and how do we comply?We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyHow we work with Facebook to offer new products and services
How to use statusHow to mute or unmute a contact’s status updateHow to delete a status updateHow to forward a status updateHow to share WhatsApp status updates to other appsAbout status privacy
Notification problemsCan’t download or send media filesFinding the More options iconConnection problemsCan’t create or restore a Google Drive backupProblems downloading or updating WhatsAppHow do I get the unread message count next to the WhatsApp icon?Problems with badge countCan't change phone numberProblems sending or receiving messagesIncorrect timestamps on messagesTroubleshoot blurry photos