Strengthening Civil Society
When governments fail to act in the public interest, and opposition parties are unwilling or unable to offer a credible alternative, it is up to civil society organizations to identify abuses and advocate for reforms. Freedom House works around the world to provide local civic groups with the tools they need to advance democratic governance in their own countries.
In collaboration with dozens of partner organizations around the world, Freedom House supports the initiatives of local groups to counteract restrictions and protect space for civil society. We also lead the Lifeline consortium of seven international organizations that provides emergency assistance to civil society organizations under threat or attack and advocacy support to respond to broader threats to civil society. To learn more about Freedom House programs, supporting civil society please visit our Regional Programs page. If you would like to interview a Freedom House expert on this topic, please email​.
Understanding Anti-Civil Society Measures in Africa
Over the last 15 years, 11 African countries have adopted legislation or policies that improperly constrained nongovernmental organizations. These laws and policies seek to impose state control over civil society, particularly NGOs that work on human rights and governance issues.
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Featured Analysis:
COVID-19 & the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Southern Africa
SPECIAL REPORT December 3, 2020
Advocacy in Restricted Spaces: A Toolkit for Civil Society
SPECIAL REPORT June 12, 2020
The Spread of Anti-NGO Measures in Africa: Freedoms Under Threat
Featured Freedom House Programs:
Lifeline Emergency Assistance Program
Freedom House administers several funds which offer emergency assistance to organizations and individuals around the world who are under threat because of their human rights work.
Our Work in Myanmar
Currently, Freedom House is supporting the efforts of civil society groups and networks to increase public participation in and advocacy on constitutional and legislative reform in Myanmar. 
Our Work in Tanzania
Freedom House’s Data Driven Advocacy program works to build the ability of Tanzanian civil society to advocate for, and influence policy on, key national-level human rights issues using better data and information to drive results. 
Freedom House in the Media:
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April 19, 2021
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April 14, 2021
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April 4, 2021
News & Perspectives:
After Lukashenka: Healing a Divided Country
NEW REPORT: Attacks on Democracy Intensify as Autocracy Spreads in Europe and Eurasia
PRESS RELEASE April 28, 2021
Myanmar: United States Must Escalate Pressure on Coup Leaders to End Violent Repression
PRESS RELEASE April 21, 2021
Civil Society Organizations Declare Their Resounding Rejection and Demand the Repeal of the New Registration Measure for Terrorism and Other Crimes in Venezuela
JOINT STATEMENT April 20, 2021
Başvurular için Çağrı: Türkiye’de Sivil Alanı Güçlendirme
JOINT STATEMENT March 15, 2021
Armenia: Authorities Must Protect Democratic Institutions and Civil Society
PRESS RELEASE March 12, 2021
Featured Experts
Jon Temin
Director, Africa Programs
Mindy Michels
Director, Emergency Assistance Programs
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