Gerrit Code Review - Named Destinations
Version V3.3.9
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User Named Destinations
User Named Destinations
It is possible to define named destination sets on a user level. To do this, define the named destination sets in files named after each destination set in the destinations directory of the user’s account ref in the All-Users project. The user’s account ref is based on the user’s account id which is an integer. The account refs are sharded by the last two digits (nn) in the refname, leading to refs of the format refs/users/nn/accountid​. The user’s destination files are a 2 column tab delimited file. Each row in a destination file represents a single destination in the named set. The left column represents the ref of the destination, and the right column represents the project of the destination.
Example destination file named destinations/myreviews​:
# Ref Project # refs/heads/master gerrit refs/heads/stable-2.11 gerrit refs/heads/master plugins/cookbook-plugin
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Version v3.3.9