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commit69c50db0e1f1692bc1e87684338ac91a8c457029[log] [tgz]
authorAhmon Dancy <>Wed Jul 01 11:31:19 2020 -0700
committerAhmon Dancy <>Wed Jul 01 11:49:18 2020 -0700
parent173038d2507bef03b4545ebbca9d821774e72f17 [diff]
Fixed paths to SETUP.* files in README Changed all /usr/share/wmf-sre-laptop/ to /usr/share/doc/wmf-sre-laptop/ (which is where the files are on Debian Buster). Change-Id: I8fdcf5b0d5d1cff93f0a0b45c7e5bede7538496f
diff --git a/docs/README b/docs/README index 0aeccc9..cc6d236 100644 --- a/docs/README +++ b/docs/README
@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@ The following docs/configs are included: Setup SSH access to production and Wikimedia Cloud Services:​-/usr/share/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.ssh​+/usr/share/doc/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.ssh Check out fundamental git repositories and do the basic git setup:​-/usr/share/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.git​+/usr/share/doc/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.git (requires working SSH access) Setup pwstore (shared encrypted secret storage)​-/usr/share/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.pwstore​+/usr/share/doc/wmf-sre-laptop/SETUP.pwstore (requires working SSH production access)
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