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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import errno
import getpass
import os
import subprocess
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Dict
ENVS = ("prod", "cloud")
CONF_MARKER = "### wmf-laptop-sre - do not edit below this point ###\n"
def check_key(ssh_dir: Path, env: str) -> str:
Checks if a key with the standard name exists.
Returns the full path to the key"""
keyname = ssh_dir​.​joinpath​(​f​"id_wmf_{env}"​)
# Now if the key exists, we'll just return its value
if keyname.is_file():
return str(keyname)
# Else, raise an error.
raise ValueError(f"ssh key {keyname} not found.")
def update_ssh_config​(​ssh_dir​: Path, keys: Dict):
"""Update the WMF section of the ssh configuration"""
with open​(​"/usr/share/wmf-laptop-sre/ssh-client-config"​, "r") as fh:
ssh_config_tpl =
# Now let's get the variables to substitute.
user = input("Please provide your production/cloud shell username: ")
new_config = CONF_MARKER
new_config += (
ssh_config_tpl​.​replace​(​"USERNAME"​, user)
.​replace​(​"PRODUCTION_KEY"​, os​.​path​.​basename​(​keys​[​"prod"​]))
.replace("WMCS_KEY", os​.​path​.​basename​(​keys​[​"cloud"​]))
# Now let's replace the old config.
configfile = ssh_dir.joinpath("config")
config = ""
if configfile.is_file():
print("Patching the ssh configuration")
with"r") as fh:
for line in fh:
if line == CONF_MARKER:
config += line
config += new_config
with"w") as fh:
def start_systemd(env: str):
"""Enable the systemd service if needed"""
svcname = f​"ssh-agent@wmf-{env}.service"
subprocess​.​check_call​(​f​"systemctl --user is-active {svcname} > /dev/null", shell=True)
except subprocess​.​CalledProcessError​:
print(f"Enabling {svcname}")
subprocess​.​check_call​(​f​"systemctl --user start {svcname}", shell=True)
def make_known_hosts_dir​(​ssh_dir​: Path):
"""Create the known_hosts directory if not present"""
kh = ssh_dir​.​joinpath​(​"known_hosts.d"​)
print(f"Creating {kh} if non-existent")
kh.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
def main():
ssh_dir = Path​.​home​().​joinpath​(​".ssh"​)
keys = {}
for env in ENVS:
keyname = check_key(ssh_dir, env)
keys[env] = keyname
# Now check if the user already has an ssh config,
# In that case just paste the wmf config below it.
update_ssh_config​(​ssh_dir​, keys)
# Now let's ensure the services are up and running.
for env in ENVS:
if __name__ == "__main__":
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