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Please review the FAQ below for the most commonly asked questions.
To ask a question or get help with an issue not covered in the FAQ, please contact Pocket for Publishers Support.
The Basics
What is Pocket for Publishers?
Pocket for Publishers is a new way for publishers to explore the impact and extended life of their content in Pocket and put “save for later” to work on their own sites and apps.
What does it cost?
This site and service is free.
Are there any extended commitments to join?
You can sign up at any time, there are no extended commitments, and you can use only the tools you want to use.
How do publishers sign up?
Just go here to request access for your site. Due to high demand, we are slowly activating new accounts as they are processed. Thanks in advance for your patience.
Why do you ask for a work email and work phone number to register?
If you are unable to automatically verify your site, we ask for your work contact information in order to help us verify that you are employed by the publisher you are requesting. You are also required to confirm that you are authorized to act on behalf of that publisher in Pocket.
How do I get my site verified?
You can verify your site three ways: 1.) Automatic verification by uploading a file to your site that Pocket recognizes, 2.) Automatic verification by adding a snippet of metadata code to your homepage, or 3.) Requesting Manual verification in which Pocket Support confirms you are employed by the publisher for which you are registering.
How long does it take to get access after requesting it?
Depending on your site and the verification process, it may take up to a week for us to process your request. Thank you in advance for your patience and know we’re working hard to have you activated as quickly as possible.
What is my Trends Snapshot?
This is a 30-day snapshot of key activity in Pocket—this includes your average open rate, your average lifespan, and your average click-through rate for custom footer messages you’ve created in Pocket.
Some of my Trends say “n/a”—what does that mean?
In some cases, your site may not have enough available information for us to process an accurate number for certain trends or items on your dashboard.
What is open rate?
Open rate is the percentage of users who opened content after it was saved.
What is lifespan?
Lifespan is the period of time in which most (80%) of activity occurred.
What is impact rank?
Impact measures loyalty and quality of content over raw popularity.
If I see an error in my Trends Dashboard, how do I report it to Pocket?
You can always reach us at Pocket for Publishers Support to report any errors. We’ll try to reply as promptly as possible and work to correct any errors.
Footer Messages
What are custom footer messages?
Custom footer messages are text and links that will appear at the bottom of any article saved from a publisher’s domain.
How many footer messages can publishers create?
Publishers can have up to 5 custom footer messages featured at any time. All active custom footers will be A/B tested, and you’ll be able to see each message’s click-through rate.
How is the click-through rate determined?
The footer message click-through rate is the percentage of Pocket users who viewed the footer message and clicked on it. If the user did not view the footer message, it will not count towards the click-through rate.
How long does it take for a new message to appear in Pocket?
It may take up to 48 hours for a message to appear in Pocket after created.
Will new messages update content that users have already downloaded to Pocket?
When Pocket downloads the Article View for an item, it will randomly grab one of your active messages. After it has been downloaded, that message will not be updated unless the user redownloads the item. After creating a new message, you'll need to save or redownload an item to see it appear on an item.
Save to Pocket Button
What is the number next to the ‘Save to Pocket’ button?
The ‘Save to Pocket’ button shows total saves for the content featured.
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