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VitalSource integration - annotating EPUBs in the LMS app (#1100)
Added by klemay
Small group annotations for LMS users
Canvas (#1151)
Blackboard (#1181)
Moodle (#1182)
D2L (#1183)
Sakai (#1184)
Added by klemay
Expanding file selection options for LMS users
Investigate supporting OneDrive (#1189)
Finalize OneDrive integration
Finish Blackboard Files (hypothesis/lms#1324)
Allow institution-only PDFs with Google Drive integration (hypothesis/lms#928)
NOTE: File integration for other LMSes and other cloud storage services are currently a medium-to-long-term priority.
Added by klemay
Host the LMS app in AWS-Canada; explore hosting in the EU
Added by klemay
Become fully WCAG 2.1 Compliant
Added by klemay
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