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title: Contact us
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<p>Use the links below to get help, to keep up to date with add-ons news, and to give us feedback.</p>
<h3 id​="​Add-ons_forum​"​>​Add-ons forum</h3>
<p>Use the <a href​="​​"​>​Add-ons Discourse forum</a> to discuss all aspects of add-on development and to request help.</p>
<h3 id="Mailing_lists">Mailing lists</h3>
<p>The <strong>dev-addons mailing list</strong> was retired on December 1, 2020. You can view the <a href​="​​"​>​dev-addons archives</a> to see past discussions about the WebExtensions API and</p>
<h3 id="Chat">Chat</h3>
<p><a class="external text" href="" rel="nofollow">Matrix</a> is an open, lightweight protocol for decentralized, real-time communications. For information on how to join Mozilla's Matrix instance, refer to the <a href​="​​"​>​Matrix page on MozillaWiki</a>.</p>
<li><a href​="​​"​>​Add-ons​</​a​> (support for extensions, themes, and the WebExtensions API)</li>
<li><a href​="​​"​>​AMO​</​a​> (discussion around</li>
<h3 id​="​Report_problems​"​>​Report problems</h3>
<h4 id​="​Security_vulnerabilities​"​>​Security vulnerabilities</h4>
<p>If you discover an add-on security vulnerability, even if the add-on is not hosted on a Mozilla site, please notify us. We will work with the developer to correct the issue. Please report security vulnerabilities <a href​="​​"​>​confidentially </a>in <a href​="​;component=Add-on%20Security&amp;maketemplate=Add-on%20Security%20Bug&amp;bit-23=1&amp;rep_platform=All&amp;op_sys=All​"​>​Bugzilla </a>or by emailing <a href​="​​"​>​​</​a​>​.​</​p​>
<h4 id​="​Bugs_on_addons.mozilla.org_AMO​"​>​Bugs on (AMO)</h4>
<p>If you find a problem with the site, we'd love to fix it. Please <a href​="​​"​>​file a bug report </a>and include as much detail as possible.</p>
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