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Installing Graphite
Graphite renders graphs using the Cairo graphics library. This adds dependencies on several graphics-related libraries not typically found on a server. If you’re installing from source you can use the script to see if the dependencies have been met or not.
Basic Graphite requirements:
Python 2.4 and 2.5 have extra requirements:
Additionally, the Graphite webapp and Carbon require the whisper database library which is part of the Graphite project.
There are also several other dependencies required for additional features:
See also
On some systems it is necessary to install fonts for Cairo to use. If the webapp is running but all graphs return as broken images, this may be why.
Fulfilling Dependencies
Most current Linux distributions have all of the requirements available in the base packages. RHEL based distributions may require the EPEL repository for requirements. Python module dependencies can be install with pip rather than system packages if desired or if using a Python version that differs from the system default. Some modules (such as Cairo) may require library development headers to be available.
Default Installation Layout
Graphite defaults to an installation layout that puts the entire install in its own directory: /opt/graphite
Whisper is installed Python’s system-wide site-packages directory with Whisper’s utilities installed in the bin dir of the system’s default prefix (generally /usr/bin/).
Carbon and Graphite-web
Carbon and Graphite-web are installed in /opt/graphite/ with the following layout:
Installing Graphite
Several installation options exist:
Initial Configuration
Help! It didn’t work!
If you run into any issues with Graphite, please to post a question to our Questions forum on Launchpad or join us on IRC in #graphite on FreeNode
Post-Install Tasks
Configuring Carbon
Once you’ve installed everything you will need to create some basic configuration. Initially none of the config files are created by the installer but example files are provided. Simply copy the .example files and customize.
Administering Carbon
Once Carbon is configured, you need to start it up.
Feeding In Your Data
Once it’s up and running, you need to feed it some data.
Configuring The Webapp
With data getting into carbon, you probably want to look at graphs of it. So now we turn our attention to the webapp.
Administering The Webapp
Once its configured you’ll need to get it running.
Using the Composer
Now that the webapp is running, you probably want to learn how to use it.
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