Research Basics: an open academic research skills course
Module 1: Effective searching
Module 2: Establishing credibility
Lesson 1: The ABCs of scholarly sources
Lesson 2: Additional ways of identifying scholarly sources
Lesson 3: Verifying online sources
Assessment - Module 2
Module 3: Citing scholarly work
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Module 2: Establishing credibility
In Module 1, you learned how to use databases to find the most relevant sources for your research. Module 2 focuses on assessing the sources you've found to make sure that they are appropriate for academic research. You'll learn what elements to examine in order to find out whether a publication is scholarly.  Then, you'll find out how to tell the difference between these scholarly sources and popular sources. You will also learn how to evaluate websites to see whether they're credible sources for your research.
To get started, choose “Lesson 1” from the navigation bar on your left.  Each lesson has two components—Watch and Practice. After watching the videos, practice what you’ve learned before proceeding to the next lesson. After you complete all three lessons in this module, choose “Assessment - Module 2” from the navigation bar on the left. Have fun!
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