Research Basics: an open academic research skills course
Module 1: Effective searching
Module 2: Establishing credibility
Module 3: Citing scholarly work
- For Librarians and Teachers -
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Did you know that JSTOR includes more than 5,000 open access academic ebooks and a growing collection of OA journals? You can browse and search them now from our Open Content page, or start your search here. 
JSTOR Daily ( is an online magazine that provides context and background to news stories and current affairs. It publishes short and long posts from journalists and academics, and all pieces link to journal articles on JSTOR for deeper reading. 
We're constantly updating the site with blog posts, columns, long-form essays, and interviews with scholars, so there's always plenty of new material to use as fodder for classroom discussion. Plus, each story provides open links to the content housed in JSTOR, so anyone can explore the underlying scholarship even if their school doesn't  subscribe to all JSTOR collections.
The stories—written by journalists and academics—cover scholarship from a wide array of disciplines and are organized by topics: Arts & Culture, History & Politics, Business & Economics, Science & Technology, and Education & Society. Here are links to some of the most recent articles:
Emily Brontë’s Lost Second Novel Jul 28, 2021
Vaccine Hesitancy in the 1920s Jul 28, 2021
When the Girl Scouts Were Accused of Being Commies Jul 27, 2021
Bezos in Space, Ice Cream Science, and Trash Parrots Jul 27, 2021
How Oysters Became a Food Fad Way out West 
Jul 26, 2021
How Pigeons Helped Fight World War I 
Jul 26, 2021
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