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How do I get to the Library Search System?
What am I searching?
As you type a query in the Simple Search box, you can choose one of four options (which we call SCOPES in this guide) from the dropdown menu that appears.  On the Advanced Search form, these options appear as radio buttons across the top. Here's what they contain:
Refining Results
The Search system allows you to refine your results after running a search, to focus on specific types and segments, or to narrow large results sets. You can apply one or more of the following filters (or exclude them).
* Filters marked with an * (asterisk) above are also available as pre-search limits using the Advanced Search form. 
** Author/Creator and Subject heading are available as specific search fields in the Advanced Search form.
Applying Multiple Filters and Excluding Filters
More Information
Electronic Resources: Troubleshooting
Visit the Troubleshooting guide to updated details on what we're working on and known bugs in the system.
Ex Libris Documentation
Our Library Search interface is powered by the Primo VE system from Ex Libris.  Here are some links to their documentation.  Note that not all of the features they describe are available or activated in our version, and that the generic screens and labels may be different from ours. 
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