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How to upload files to create a new item page
3 years ago Updated
You can upload movies, audio, texts, software, images, and other formats.
You can upload any time you wish once you have created an account at​.
To upload:
1. Create an account
2. You should receive an email to verify your account (check your spam or junk folders if it does not appear in your inbox within a few minutes)
3. Log in to your account
4. Click the Upload button in the upper right next to the Search bar.
5. You will be directed to a screen where you can select how you would like to upload your files. The green Upload Files is the recommended uploader except for Live Music Archive uploads.
6. You will be asked to either Drag & Drop files from your computer onto the gray box or to select the Choose files to upload button. Both ways will enable you to upload your files.
7. Complete the metadata form. Click on the cells to add the title, URL, description, subject tags. etc. This is so that we can archive it and so that others can find your files.
8. Select the appropriate collection for the type of content files you are uploading
9. Add as much additional metadata as possible such as creator, date the content was created, language, etc.
10. Click Upload and Create Your Item when you are done.
11. You will see a status bar which will indicate that your page is being created. Please note, this does take some time depending on the activity of the site.
12. You will be automatically redirected to the newly created item when it has completed running its tasks.
13. You can further edit the item's metadata or files by clicking the Edit item link on the item page.
Bulk uploading
If you have several files and need to create many items, please contact us at for additional information about how to do bulk or batch uploading using our command-line tool in the terminal.
It can be found at
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