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I can't find my items!
3 years ago Updated
These are the most common reasons you may no longer be able to see your items on your account pages or on the site:
1. You've changed your account email information
Because items are linked to your account based on the email address changing that address will mean the items are no longer associated with your account.
To fix this please email us from your old email address if possible. Send your request to
Here is a template for the email:
 Subject: Email changed - cannot see my items
 Body: I've change email. Please link my items to the new email.
 Old email address: (Insert Email address)
 New email address:(New Email address)
2. Removed due to malware
During upload, files are checked for malware. If it is detected, the item will be removed from the site. You would need to start over and upload files that do not contain malware.
3. Removed due to a violation of the terms of use
Items that violate the Terms of Use will be removed from the site. Please refer to the Terms at the following link Terms of Use.
4. Removed in error
Occasionally there are admin errors or glitches in the system. If you believe an item was removed in error please email us at
Here is a template for the email:
 Subject: Item removed in error
 Body: I believe my item has been removed in error:[ITEMID]
  Thank you
5. Servers are undergoing maintenance
During server maintenance, it is possible that items may temporarily be offline. Feel free to contact us at to check on the status of an item.
Here is a template for the email:
 Subject: Item missing
 Body: I can’t see my item. Can you please check its status:[ITEMID]
6. Removed due to DMCA takedown
We will honor legitimate Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests.
If you would like to read more about the act, you can do so here DMCA.
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