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Removing your item pages from
2 years ago Updated
To remove items you have uploaded follow these steps
1. First, be sure you are logged in to the account that uploaded the materials.
2. On click your screen name to show the dropdown account menu. Select "My library". This takes you to your user page.
3. On your user page select "Remove items"
4. You should now see a "Remove selected items" button as well as check boxes on each item tile below. Select the items you will to remove. If you want to select all just click the "Toggle all" link.
If you have many items you should scroll down until you see you item then click the "Remove selected items" button.
When you have selected all the items to remove, click the "Remove selected items" button. 
You can also cancel if you wish.
5. You will now see a popup with the items listed that you selected for removal. If they are correct click the "Remove items" button. If not, click the "X" tp close the popup and change your item selection. The items should then be removed from the site within a few minutes.
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