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Borrowing From The Lending Library
Borrowing - Tips & Troubleshooting
Most Frequently Asked Questions
How to download and return a borrowed book
Removing your item pages from
How do I delete my account?
How do I enlarge a book on my mobile device page overview
Control the Playlist and Player in Audio Items
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Books and Texts Information
Books and Texts - A Basic Guide
Browse the book shelves with Open Library Explorer
Books and Texts - Tips & Troubleshooting
Accounts - A Basic Guide
Accounts - Tips & Troubleshooting
Example of good metadata for items
Uploading - A Basic Guide
Uploading - Tips
Uploading - Troubleshooting
Downloading - A Basic Guide
Downloading - Tips & Troubleshooting
Collections - A Basic Guide
Collections - Tips & Troubleshooting
Favorites - A Basic Guide
Managing and Editing Your Items
Managing and Editing Your Items - A Basic Guide
Managing and Editing Your Items - Tips & Troubleshooting
Audio and Music Items Information
Audio and Music Items - A Basic Guide
Audio and Music Items - Tips & Troubleshooting
Live Music Archive (
The Grateful Dead Collection
Movies and Videos
Example of good metadata for movies items
Movies and Videos - A Basic Guide
Movies and Videos - Tips & Troubleshooting
Prelinger Archive
The Internet Arcade
MS-DOS Emulation
Files, Formats and Derivatives
Files, Formats, and Derivatives - A Basic Guide
Files, Formats, and Derivatives - Tips & Troubleshooting
Archive BitTorrents
Media Players
Media Players - A Basic Guide
Media Players - Tips & Troubleshooting
Search - A Basic Guide
Search - Tips & Troubleshooting
Search - Building powerful, complex queries
Disability Access
Disability Access - General Information
Qualifying Authorities Program
Forums - A Basic Guide
Technical Information
Internet Archive APIs
Internet Archive Metadata general information
Introductory Tour of and its Collections Information site architecture and glossary
Internet Archive Statistics
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Reporting problems or errors
Problems or errors
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