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How to request a collection
3 years ago Updated
Because we receive so many requests for collections, it is our policy to only create a collection for users who have a minimum of 50 items (an item is a page on created on that are of the same media type.
Once you have reached this threshold, please contact us at and we will be happy to create a collection for your items.
Until you have a collection, your items will remain in the public Community collections.
To create a collection we will need the following:
1. The email address(es) of the account(s) that uploaded the content.
2. A list of the item links or the URL of a search query which will identify them.
3. The name of the collection and a brief description (to be used on your collection page) of your organization and/or the material housed in the collection.
4. A suggested identifier (the tail of the URL) for the collection page (please use meaningful words and it should be 5-80 characters preferably lowercase and/or numbers only. No special characters or spaces).
5. At least one Subject Tag that describes the collection.
6. (optional) The logo you would like to display on the collection page. Best if it is at least 500p x 500p or at least 500px wide or high.
7. The account email address(es) that you would like to have administrative privileges for this collection. (These addresses will be able to upload directly to the collection as well as edit information about the collection).
Once your collection is created, any existing items will be moved to it and you will have admin privileges to upload to it.
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