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Change your privacy settings
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Flickr allows you to determine who can see your photos. Set any photo to public or private at any time. You can also make your photos available to friends, family, or friends & family, without sharing them publicly.
Privacy controls available
* This setting requires members to sign into their Flickr accounts before they can see photos you’ve shared with them.
You can also share a Guest Pass to any photo or album that allows people to see your content without signing in to a Flickr account.
To change privacy settings for existing content
Please note, changing your photos to a stricter privacy level will permanently alter the links to your photos and remove all faves -- this cannot be undone.
From a single photo page on the web:
  1.  Scroll down to the Additional info section on the right side of the page.
  2. Next to Viewing privacy select the privacy level you would like the photo to have.
Change privacy levels in bulk:
  1. Mouse over You, click Organize.
  2. Drag and drop content to the batch area.
  3. Click Permissions, select Who can see, comment, tag?
  4. Select your preferred settings.
  5. Click Change Permissions.

Set the default privacy for new content
Change privacy settings through the app
  1. Once in your Camera Roll, tap Select.
  2. Tap a photo, or multiple photos to update the privacy. 
  3. Tap the Privacy icon in the bottom right hand corner. 
  4. Select your preferred privacy status.
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