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Get help if someone posts intimate content of you without your permission
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Finding out that someone put your private images or videos online without your consent can be devastating. Here are some resources to help you take action and get the support you might need.
If you feel as though your physical safety or the safety of another person may be in jeopardy, we suggest that you contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.
Report it
  1. Go to the Flickr website on your computer (not on your mobile device).
  2. At the bottom of the page that contains the photo or video, click Report abuse.
  3. Select Intimate content posted without my consent.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. In the "What's the problem?" field, let us know that you appear in an intimate image or video without your consent, and provide any additional details that may assist in our investigation. Please include your full name.
  6. Enter the word "Flickr" in the security field.
  7. Click SEND.
Info we may request for action
We might ask you to provide us with the following information during our investigation:
If we need a photo ID for this investigation, we'll verify your identity, then immediately delete copies of your photo ID to protect your privacy. Under no circumstances do we retain your documents for our files, and we would never sell or share this info with others.
Get support
Taking care of yourself during a difficult time is most important. We have resources to help you through this:

Suicide prevention resources
Non-consensual intimate image (revenge porn) resources
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