Filling Out Your Common App for transfer
Complete the application's four core sections: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials.
Common App for transfer Personal Information
This section is used to gather your biographic and contact information, as well as citizenship, race/ethnicity, and other information.
Communication Preferences
Biographic Information
Contact Information
Nationality Information
Race & Ethnicity
Common App for transfer Academic History
This section is where you input the colleges you attended. Additionally, you can provide information about tests you have taken or plan to take, such as the TOEFL.
High Schools Attended
Colleges Attended
College Coursework
GPA Entries
Standardized Tests
Common App for transfer Supporting Information
This section is used to collect supporting application information.
Affirmation Statements
Common App for transfer Program Materials
If the specific programs you are applying to have any additional application requirements, use this section to provide the requested information. You can also view important information about each program you are applying to, including deadline requirements.
Common App for transfer Program Materials
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