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Common App for recommenders helps you organize and submit letters of recommendation. Here, you can track requests, manage your school's information, and submit transcripts.
Accessing Your Account
Create an Account
If you’re new to the Recommendation Portal, follow the steps below to create your account.
  1. Go to Letters by Liaison.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Enter the email address to which your applicant sent the recommendation request. You must use that email address in order to link your account to your applicant’s request. This will be your username. 
  4. Enter and confirm a secure password. We recommend using a strong password that contains a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. 
  5. Review the Terms of Use and click the I agree to the Terms of Use checkbox.
  6. Complete the fields in the Basic Information section. First name and last name are required. 
  7. Complete the fields in the Professional Information section. Note that these are all optional and can be updated later. 
  8. Click Create Account.  ​​​​​
Access an Existing Account
If you've used the Recommendation Portal before (or used the previous Evaluator Portal), follow the steps below to access your account.
  1. Click the link in the email you received. 
  2. Enter your username and password on the Welcome page.
    • If you used the previous Evaluator Portal, enter your username and password for that site.
    • If you created a new account in the Recommendation Portal, enter your email address as the username.  
  3. Click Log In.
If you forgot your password, review the Reset Your Password section for instructions on retrieving it.
Reset Your Password
  1. Click the Forgot your password? link on the Welcome page.
  2. Enter the email address you used to create your account in the Email field.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email you receive to reset your password. You must create and confirm a password that is a minimum of eight characters and includes a number and capital letter.
Completing a Recommendation
All your recommendation requests appear on the Requests page. Use the filters on the left to sort the requests and view more or less of their details. Requests are categorized and color-coded by current status:
Review the Request 
To begin your recommendation, click the Start button next to the applicant's name on the Requests page. Review the information provided by the applicant on the left-hand side of the page: 
Be sure to also review any notes from the applicant at the top of the page which may contain specific instructions. 
Write the Recommendation
Depending on the program(s) the applicant is applying to, you may be prompted to complete one or more of the following assessments. 
Use the drop-downs and fields to answer questions regarding your relationship with the applicant. 
Use the text box to respond to essay/short-answer questions about the applicant. We recommend typing your response directly into the text box and using simple formatting.
If you are copying/pasting content from somewhere else, be aware that the formatting may not copy over correctly. To fix this, remove the formatting by first pasting the content into a text editor such as Notepad, then pasting it into this text box. Or, if you're using Google Chrome as your browser, right-click the text box and select "Paste as plain text." 
Likert Criteria
Provide your ratings for the listed criteria. Click the information icon under each rating to view more details about it. To select a rating, click the blue slider and drag it to the desired rating. 
Overall Recommendation
Select your overall recommendation for the applicant from the Recommendation Concerning Admission drop-down. 
Upload Letters
You can upload one document to support your recommendation of the applicant. Documents must be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rft), or Plain Text (.txt) format. 
You can upload documents in two ways:
Submit Your Recommendation
Click Preview & Submit to review and submit your recommendation. Your recommendation and, if applicable, letter appear in a preview window. If the recommendation and uploaded document look correct, click Yes, Upload It to proceed. Otherwise, click No, Cancel Upload to return to the request. 
Reuse Recommendations 
Some CASs collect recommendations through the Program Materials section using specific recommendation types (e.g., academic, personal, etc.). When your CAS uses this feature, you can automatically reuse a completed recommendation for an applicant who requests you complete additional recommendations that are the same type as the original. Once you’ve activated this option, any time the same applicant requests the same recommendation type for an additional program, the system automatically completes the recommendation and submits it.
You can view on the Requests page if the recommendation has been reused, and if so, for which programs. You will also receive an email every Friday with this information. You can turn off this feature at any time.
To use this feature:
  1. Complete the Write the Recommendation and Submit Your Recommendation steps, outlined above, for an applicant's first recommendation request.
  2. After clicking Submit on the Recommendation Preview page, select if you want this recommendation to be automatically submitted for any incomplete and future recommendation requests of the same type for this applicant. Note that if you select Yes, you can't review or edit the recommendation before it is submitted for any future recommendation request.
  3. Click Continue.
On the Requests page, you can choose to activate or deactivate recommendation reuse by clicking Reuse or Stop Reusing, respectively, for each applicant's completed recommendation request.
If you choose to use this feature, we recommend that when you complete the recommendation form, you keep it generic so it can be reused for any program at any school an applicant may apply to.
Decline Recommendations 
You can decline recommendation requests in Requested or Accepted status as necessary. Please note that you cannot undo this action. 
  1. Click the Decline link next to the applicant's name.
  2. Enter an optional note explaining why you are declining the request. 
  3. Click Decline
Review Completed Recommendations
To review a completed recommendation, locate the applicant in the Requests list. Click Download PDF to view a pdf version of the recommendation. You can also download or print a version of the recommendation by hovering your mouse over the top of the document and clicking the Download or Print icons. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact Customer Service?
Why don't I see my applicant's request?
What browser should I use?
I accidentally declined a request. What do I do?
Is there really a due date? Can I submit my recommendation after the date listed?
Why won't my document upload?
I tried to submit my recommendation, but the page seems to load and load without ever completing. What's going on?
Customer Service
If you need help, email us at​. Please include the following information in your email:
You can also schedule a consultation appointment with our Customer Service team. Use this form to submit a best day and time for us to meet with you.
Privacy Policy
This privacy policy and agreement (the “Privacy Policy” or “Policy“) explains how, with your permission, (as set out below) Liaison International (“Liaison International,“ “we,” or “us“) collects, uses, and treats information that we receive from you through our website (the “Website” or “Site"). The terms “you” and “your” refer to any person or entity providing us with information through our Website including, but not limited to, visitors, Students, Supervisors, and School Representatives. For your convenience, Section 13 (Definitions) provides a set of defined terms used in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not cover information that you provide to us through other means, such as through telephone calls and traditional mailings.
1. Your Consent. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as your consent to it creates legal obligations on you and on us. By accessing and using our Website, you acknowledge and agree to be legally bound by this Privacy Policy. In addition, for certain activities on the Site we may further confirm your consent by asking you to click an “I accept” button. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please contact us in accordance with Section 14.6 (Contact Us) or refrain from using our Site.
2. Types of Information You May Provide. Information we may collect from you on our Site falls into three categories: (i) Anonymous Information; (ii) Personal Information; and (iii) Activity Information. These categories are defined as follows:
3. Our Uses of Your Personal Information. You decide whether you wish to provide us with Personal Information. We may collect information from you at different points (for example, when you complete our registration process or sign up to receive our Alerts), and use this information as follows:
4. Our Uses of Your Activity Information. You decide whether to provide us with Activity Information. We collect Activity Information in connection with various services that we make available through our Site. Please note that Personal Information included with Activity Information will be treated as Activity Information, and not as Personal Information, and we will treat any Personal Information included or linked with Activity Information, as Activity Information. Rest assured, however, that you have some control over who is given access to your Activity Information:
5. Submitted Content. You may choose to provide to us for posting publicly on our Website or elsewhere, and in certain circumstances you may post directly, information that includes Personal Information and Activity Information. Both Personal Information and Activity Information included with Submitted Content will be treated as Submitted Content, and not as Personal Information or Activity Information. We may choose (in our sole discretion) to publicly post Submitted Content on our Website. Please keep in mind that Personal Information and Activity Information posted in this manner is not subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. If you are posting Personal Information and Activity Information concerning an individual other than yourself, be sure that you have permission from that individual to make the posting. Please review our Terms of service for more information on how we treat the information you wish to post on our Website.
6. Disclosures to Third Parties. We will not disclose (i) Personal Information, or (ii) Activity Information linked with Personal Information (collectively, the “Relevant Information”) about you to third parties without your consent, except in the following circumstances:
7. Our Use of Anonymous Information. We use Anonymous Information to analyze the effectiveness of our Site, to improve our Website, products, services and for other purposes. This information provides us with potentially useful data concerning our users’ preferences and the efficacy and interest of our Site, products and services, and various general trends. In addition, we may undertake or commission statistical and other summary analysis of the general behavior and characteristics of users, and the use of our Website and related services, and may share Anonymous Information with third parties. Rest assured that Anonymous Information provided to third parties will not allow anyone to identify you. We may collect Anonymous Information through features of the software supporting our Website through both the means described below and other means.
8. Any Anonymous Information Linked with Personal Information is Protected as “Personal Information.” To enable us to better understand your characteristics and/or to provide services tailored to your needs, we may link Personal Information with Anonymous Information (collectively, “Linked Information”). Linked Information will be treated and protected as Personal Information under this Privacy Policy.
9. Opting Out. Because we respect privacy rights, we allow you to opt out of receiving certain information. If we choose to send bulletins, Alerts or other communications to you, we will provide you with the ability to decline, or opt out of, receiving such communications. In addition, you have the option to unsubscribe to our Alerts, and we will take reasonable steps to comply with this request in a timely manner. Instructions for opting out will be provided if and when we determine to send such a communication. Please understand that you will not be allowed to opt out of formal notices concerning the operation of our Website, and legal and other related notices concerning your relationship to us and our Website.
10. Access; Removing Information. To allow you appropriate control over your Personal Information, you can request us to change, update or delete Personal Information that you have previously submitted to us. We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before fulfilling such requests. You may also delete your name and other Personal Information from our databases. Please understand, however, that it may be impossible to remove Personal Information completely due to system backups and records of deletions. In addition, if you request the deletion of your Personal Information, you will be unable to utilize the services associated with that Personal Information. We will fulfill deletion requests within a reasonable time.
11. Third-Party Sites. Our Site and Alerts contain links to other sites and certain services available on our Site may allow you to export Personal Information and Activity Information to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other sites. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our Site and to read the privacy policies of each website that collects or receives Personal Information or Activity Information. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected on our Site and does not apply to information collected by a site operated by a third party. Rest assured, however, that Personal Information we receive from third-party sites will be treated by us as Personal Information pursuant to this Privacy Policy, unless such information is included with Submitted Content.
12. Security. We have put in place security systems, physical and technical safeguards, and quality controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, Personal Information (collectively, the “Security Safeguards”). Our Security Safeguards are structured to deter and prevent unauthorized users and others from accessing Personal Information. Please understand that our Security Safeguards are not fail-proof and, due to the nature of internet communications and evolving technologies, we cannot provide, and expressly disclaim (to the extent permitted by law), assurance that the information we receive about you via the Website will remain free from loss, misuse or alteration by third parties who, despite our efforts, obtain unauthorized access. Please note that you play a key role in protecting the security of your Personal Information. For example, you should guard your password to our Website, and not give it to others to use. In addition, you should close your browser when have finished viewing your information on our Website in order to prevent others from viewing your Personal Information.
13. Definitions.
14. Additional General Provisions.
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