Problems using Libby on iOS 9 and older web browsers
Audio skipping issues
I don't know my library, card number, or PIN
I'm missing parts of an book or audiobook
I'm not getting notifications for Libby
Libby is sluggish, stuttering, crashing, or not responding (Android)
Libby says my device isn't compatible (Android)
My loan won't open
Trouble getting a book from Amazon to your Kindle
Verifying your library card in Libby
When Libby doesn't sync between devices
Why are chapters locked in a title?
Why can't I define words when I'm offline?
Why can't I find my library?
Why can't I find some titles in my library?
Why can't I renew a title?
Why can't I send a book to Kindle?
Why can't I sign in?
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