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Upgrade your account
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Upgrade your free team to unlock advanced features for you and your team members and move to a new level of collaboration!
💡 To learn more about Miro plans and features available visit this page.
Choose an account (team) to upgrade
The subscription in Miro is tied to a team (account), not a profile. Here is a small tip on how to differentiate between these terms:
If you're a member of several teams, you can switch between them on the left sidebar of your dashboard. Open the team that you would like to upgrade and follow the steps below. Upgrading the team will unlock advanced features on boards that belong to it.
If you don't plan to upgrade any of the teams you're a member of, you can create a paid team from scratch by clicking the plus icon on the left sidebar. You will be able to move your boards to the newly created workspace.

Creating a new paid team
✏️ Notethat after the upgrade the payer is promoted to Billing Admin, but that doesn't automatically give them Admin rights. To learn more about the difference between Billing Admin and Admin, check here.
Upgrade your team
Step 1. Choose a plan
To upgrade the account, click the blue Upgrade button in the upper-right corner of the dashboard. You will see a pop-up menu with the upgrade options.

Upgrade your account right from the dashboard
You can also upgrade from the Team profile.

The upgrade option in the settings
✏️  If you upgrade a paid team, the prorated amount for the unused time on the previous plan is included in the purchase. 
Step 2. Set the team size
Before clicking Upgrade, please select the needed team size on the drop-down menu under the plan cost. Please note that the team size on the payment window is equal to the current number of team members.
Step 3. Select billing type and payment method
After double-checking the team size, choose the billing type (yearly or monthly) and payment method (credit card or invoice). Invoice method is unlocked for Team plan (10+ members, annual subscription) and Business plan purchase; to learn more about upgrading with self-serve invoice, take a look at this page. Enter the credit card information (if you prefer credit card payments), a promo-code (if you have one) and click Purchase
✏️ If your credit card is not accepted, make sure that it is valid and check the card balance. If you encounter issues while upgrading, try troubleshooting steps.

Payment details
Immediately after the purchase, your team will be upgraded and you will receive a payment receipt to your current email address. You will also be able to download the full invoice at any time after the purchase.
If you upgrade with self-serve invoicing, the invoice will be sent within an hour to the email specified by you.
How to cancel your subscription
As soon as you upgrade your team, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of every billing period. To cancel your subscription and prevent further renewal charges, go to Account settings > Billing > Overview and click Cancel subscription. Visit this article for more details.
How to purchase Enterprise plan
If you already have an account, click the Upgrade button on the dashboard. Click Contact us for the Enterprise plan.

Enterprise Plan on the Upgrade pop-up
Fill out the short Enterprise inquiry form and our Sales Representative will reach out to you shortly to discuss all details.

Enterprise inquiry
You can also send a request for the Enterprise plan from the Pricing page in the same way.
Frequently asked questions
  1. I purchased a subscription but my plan is still free. Why?
    - Try to switch to your paid team on the left sidebar of your dashboard.

  2. I'm a solo worker and would like to purchase one license for myself. What plan do I choose?
    - Feel free to select Consultant plan that doesn't have requirements on the minimum number of seats and can be purchased with 1 license.

  3. I would like to upgrade with one/fewer seats but I cannot select fewer members on the payment window. What do I do?
    - Please remove team members following these instructions or ask your Admin to remove extra-members. You can also purchase a separate team with any number of seats.

  4. I'm not an Admin for my team. Will I become the Team Admin after I upgrade?
    - No, but you will be promoted to Billing admin. You can ask the current Admin to assign you admin rights or purchase your own separate team and move your boards to it. 

  5. I don't have the Upgrade button on my dashboard. Why?
    - The team you're working in is already on a paid plan. If you would like to change your plan, you will find the instructions here.

  6. Do you accept PayPal as a payment method?
    - No, at the moment, you can upgrade your team with a credit card or self-serve invoicing.

  7. Can I purchase a subscription for one month?
    - Yes, upgrade to a monthly plan and cancel automatic renewals in settings.
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