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Free plan
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Miro is a hub for your team, where you can visualize, share and collect ideas. You can use Miro Free plan as long as you want, with as many people as you need!
✏️ Learn more about team and user management on Free plan in this article.
When registering a profile, you can create your own free team or join existing teams where you've been invited to or which are discoverable for you
If you're already a member of someone's team but would like to create your own account, you can
Unlimited team members
We believe in teamwork, and want to provide the best experience for teams to collaborate without any boundaries or limits. All invited users are automatically added to your team and get access to all boards (no private boards are allowed on Free plan). 
All team members can:
⚠️ Every user that you invite to your boards via email on Free plan gets added to your team.
If you're a Team Admin, you can remove users from your team at any moment. To learn more about team management, check out this article.
Board access on Free plan
Please note that if you invite other users to collaborate on your Free plan, you are granting access for them to view all of the boards on your dashboard. All boards created in a free team get automatically shared with the whole team. Board privacy within a team is only supported on paid plans. 
Unlimited boards
The team members can create as many boards as they want, all of them will be saved in your account. There is no need to share your boards - they all are visible and available to all the team members.
Please note, that only 3 most recently created boards in your account are available for editing and collaboration with your team. The rest of the boards in the team are inactive and are locked in a view-only mode. To edit inactive boards you can delete unnecessary active boards (or ask other members to delete their boards), create copies of inactive ones, or upgrade your account.
✏️ If your team includes 3 boards only but they're still locked, check out this article.

Dashboard with inactive boards
If the number of boards in the free team is more than 3, when you create a new board you will see the following message with the board name that will be locked:

You are over active boards limit
All team members can upgrade the free team to any of the paid plans at any point to get access to Miro advanced features. If you're a small team that would like to get access to more cool collaboration features, feel free to choose Team plan.
Free plan vs Team plan
 Free planTeam plan
Max number of team members
Max number of boards∞ (last 3 active)
Max number of private boards
Visitors who can edit public boards
Visitors who can comment on public boards
Visitors who can view public boards
Manual backup
Screen sharing
Hi-res export
Custom templates
Video chat
Jira Cards
Jira Add-on 
Confluence Plugin
Password protection for public boards
Downgrading to Free plan
After downgrading to Free plan all private boards become inactive. They won't affect the limit of the active boards available. If a private board is within 3 board limitation you can share it with the team to enable editing, or upgrade.
Frequently asked questions
  1. Can I be alone on my free team?
    - Yes. Unless you invite new users to the team created by you or to your boards, only you have access to your content. You can see the list of your team members and remove them in Team settings > Active users.

  2. Can I decide which of the boards will be active in my free team?
    - No, those are always the 3 most recently created boards. You can delete unnecessary ones that belong to you (or ask other team members to delete their boards), duplicate inactive boards, or upgrade your team.

  3. Can I change my board to view-only for my team on Free plan?
    - Yes, you can. Though all boards in a free team can be accessed by all team members, you can downgrade team access to viewing only: open the board's Share menu, choose Can view for team access to the board. Note that if you're not the board owner you should be explicitly invited to the board as an editor - otherwise, your access will be limited as well.
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