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Miro Professional Network
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Miro’s Professional Network is a free program for freelancers, consultants and agencies who work with clients and want to use Miro to help them succeed. When you join this program, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, a community of partners, and much more. Within this program, there are two tiers of members, Miro Professionals and Miro Experts. If you are new to Miro you are also eligible to get a free Miro workspace to work with your team and clients, to help you get started. 
In this article, you’ll learn how to join and unlock the benefits of our Miro Professional Network, as a member. 
For information on Miro Experts visit this page.
When you join Miro Professional Network, you will receive multiple benefits to help you achieve your goals in Miro and working with clients. 
* If you are new to Miro you are also eligible to get a free Miro workspace to work with your team and clients, to help you get started. 
Eligibility criteria
To become a member of the Miro professional network, your company must work with external clients and align with the “Professional Service Provider” definition: 
Firms with knowledge workers that provide their expertise to other segments and can produce products as long as it is not for themselves (e.g. digital tools).
How to apply to become a member
To apply, visit and complete the short form! Applications will be processed within 10 business days. If you haven’t heard from us after this time, please check your spam folder or reach out to​.
Requirements for renewal
Miro Professional network is free to join whether you’re new to Miro or have an existing account. After you are accepted into the program, you’ll start the program as a professional and receive the accompanying benefits. At year end, to renew your annual benefits, the one following requirements must be met during one year after application approval: 
Referral program
To refer your clients and get a monetary benefit, you need to activate your referral partner status first. In case you have any questions, please reach out to
Only leads that meet our minimum license requirements based on customer segment will be eligible for the referral partner program including: 
Once a client is approved and a deal has been closed with leads that have been shared, you can get 10% of Annual ARR at the time of purchase, with a max payout of 50,000 USD. These terms are subject to change at Miro discretion at any time. 
Frequently asked questions
  1. Are unlimited free licenses the same as Day Passes
    - Please be aware that once accepted into the program, Day passes will be switched off on your account. Instead, you will have guests, a new free role for external users. Once this is done, you can not revert to using Day Passes. Those who were added to your team, will no longer have access and those who had individual boards shared with them, will only retain comment access. You can re-invite those users as non-team users, however, you will no longer be able to invite them using Day Passes.
  2. Our company has been approved for the 5-seat free Consultant plan package. How can I access the subscription? 
    - Miro has either upgraded your existing Free plan team or created a new upgraded team. On the left side of your dashboard, you should see all your team accounts as square icons. If you have multiple teams, check if another square is your upgraded team. In case you have trouble finding your team, please contact Miro support.  
  3. We want to invite one more teammate(s) to our free 5-seat team. Can we buy one more seat?
    - You would need to start paying for all 6 seats. To convert your subscription, please reach out to Miro support team for assistance.
  4. My company was approved for a free trial. How can I activate it? 
    - You can activate your trial on the checkout page in the Miro application. For that please: 
    1. Login using the email address you’ve indicated in the application
    2. Click Upgrade on the dashboard
    3. Choose Consultant plan, under the tab Working with clients
    4. On the checkout page, you will see a message about the 3 month trial credit for your account. Do not proceed if you don’t see it
    5. Choose the number of seats
    6. Enter credit card details
    7. Click Purchase
  5. Can I transfer the ability to activate the trial to my teammate?
    - No, the trial is tied to the email address that you’ve indicated in the application. It cannot be transferred to any other user and can be activated only once. 
  6. How many seats are available on the trial?
    - You can invite an unlimited number of users on trial. Please note that once the trial ends, Miro will start to charge your credit card. 
  7. How can I request promo codes for my clients? 
    - Please request the coupons via this form. Coupon requests can only be made by a member of Miro Professional Network and will be sent to your email to share with your clients. 
  8. How can I submit a ticket to the Support team?
    - Please check this article: How to Contact Miro Support.
  9. I am using Miro right now and paying for Consultant plan (or Team plan or Business plan). Can I still enter the program and what will I receive?
    You may become a member of the program if you're paying for a Consultant or Business plan. You may still apply with the Team plan, but in order to get the benefits, we will ask you to upgrade your account to a Consultant or Business plan. If your application is approved, you will receive all the benefits, except for the free Miro workspace which is only available to new Miro users.
  10. For how long are these program benefits valid for? 
    - Program benefits are valid for 1 year after your application, after the one year mark you will be up for renewal if you adhere to the requirements for renewal. If you wish to share ideas/feedback to improve this program, you can reach out at​.
  11. Can I switch from Consultant plan to another Miro plan?
    - Yes, please get in touch with Miro Support for assistance. Please note that in this case, you will lose access to the program benefits.
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