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Getting Started
Welcome to Miro! Get started faster by learning some basics
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What is Miro?
How to register a Miro profile
How to create a Miro board
How to start collaboration with Miro
Roles in Miro
Miro dashboard
What is on your dashboard
Profile and teams
How to search in Miro
How to create a team in Miro
Use cases
Miro for ideation & brainstorming
Miro for mapping & diagramming
Miro for workshops & meetings
Miro for screen reader users
Miro accessibility features for screen reader users
How to make your Miro boards more accessible for screen reader users
Security FAQ
Web whiteboard
How to contact Miro Support
Moving from AWW App to Miro
Miro Changelog
Status Page
Miro Community
Miro Academy
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