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Team plan
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✏️ Visit Miro pricing page to see prices.
Team plan features
The full-featured Team plan helps organize collaboration within distributed teams of more than 2 people and provides access to all the capabilities Miro has to offer, such as:
The Team plan helps organize collaboration within distributed teams of more than 2 people which means that the minimum purchase is 2 paid seats. If you and your colleagues need to work together on the same projects this plan would be the way for you. All the members of the team are able to create and edit team boards and can also invite unlimited guests with view or comment access and visitors via a shareable link
You can upgrade to the Team plan if you already are a Miro user, or purchase it on the pricing page if you are not.
✏️ If you a member of several teams, choose a team to upgrade on the left sidebar of your dashboard.
✏️ Visit this article to learn how billing works.
✏️ Learn more about user and team management on Team plan in this article.
Team plan vs other Miro plans
Team plan vs Free plan
Once you upgrade your team from a free version to Team plan, you and your team members will immediately get access to advanced functionality. Check out our comparison of Free and Team plans here
Team plan vs Consultant plan
Consultant plan provides access to all the Team plan features and also additional functionalities such as multiple teams within one subscription and guests who can edit. It also allows you to upgrade with just 1 license so the plan may be the most preferable option for individual workers. Learn here whether the Consultant solution may meet your needs better. 
Team plan vs Business plan
If your team includes 5+ members and you need access to some extra security, consider upgrading to Business plan. The plan allows taking advantage of all Team plan features as well as Signle Sign-On and the option to invite guests who can edit.
Frequently asked questions
  1. When I upgrade, will my team members get access to paid features?
    - Yes, all members of the upgraded Miro team will be able to use advanced features in this team. If you need to purchase fewer licenses, remove extra users from the team.

  2. How can I check whether my organization already has a plan with Miro?
    - Your organization's teams may be discoverable for users with corporate domains. Learn more.
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