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Education plan
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Bring interactivity and power of visual collaboration to your classroom and study! Miro provides a free Educational account to staff members and students of educational institutions.
Education plan features
Education plan users can take advantage of the following features:
✏️ Check this article to see Education plan features compared to other plans.
✏️ Learn more about user and team management on Education plan in this article.
Institutions that qualify
Qualified educational institutions include all accredited public or private schools, including:
Organizations that do not qualify
The following types of organizations are not qualified educational institutions:
If your organization does not qualify, check if you qualify for Non-profits program or Startup program.
If you need to organize a short-term contest or hackathon for students, check out the Hackathon offer.
How to apply for an Education account
To apply for an Education account, fill out the application form on our website. There you will need to provide a document supporting your student/employment status (a school ID would do, or a screenshot of the web page from your school's website where your position is stated) and a document confirming the accreditation of your institution. For accreditation confirmation, you may use a screenshot from your institution's website confirming their accredited/officially recognized status, or a letter from your institution's central administrator, or any other confirmation. 
It is also necessary to include your educational email address: an email that ends in *.edu or *.k12, or belongs to the domain of your public educational institution. If you don’t have an educational email address, provide proof of your affiliation with an educational institution.
It may take us up to 10 days to respond to your application, as we've been getting a lot of requests recently. When your account is created you will receive an invitation email with the login information from Miro (if you are not registered with Miro) or a notification saying that your Education account is now available on your dashboard (if you already have a profile with Miro). Please note that you may be a member of several teams and need to switch to the Education team on the left sidebar.
Education plan limitations
Getting started with Education plan
New to Miro and would like to learn how to use the product? Take a look at this short guide to get a grasp on the tool’s core functionalities. You can also visit the  Getting started section of our Help Center and Miro Academy. We hold Miro webinars weekly on Thursdays, feel free to register for one here
To learn more about conducting remote classes with Miro visit these pages in our blog and Help Center:
Join Miro Community for educators to discuss your questions and share best practices. 
Frequently asked questions 
1. How can I apply for an Education account?
- If you are a teacher/staff member/student of an educational establishment, please fill in the application form here providing any documentation that proves your employment/student status (proof of active enrollment) and the accreditation of your institution.
2. Is Education plan free?
- Yes, it is free.
3. My company is a non-profit organization but not an educational institution. Are we eligible for the Education account?
- No, but we have a special offer for NPO as well, please check this article for more information.
4. Is Education plan available for educational institutions outside the US?
- Yes, educational institutions accredited in the country of residence by an authorized governmental agency are eligible. Find the list of institutions that qualify here.
5. Why are Education accounts for students valid for 2 years only?
- Sometimes Education accounts are created for graduate students who may need just 1 or 2 years of Miro usage. You can re-apply for the license once it’s over by providing us with proof that you are still a student and we will prolong your account for another 2 years.
6. I was granted the Education license but my account is still free and I have to upgrade.
- You're probably a member of multiple accounts (teams). Please switch to the Education team on the left sidebar of your dashboard.
7. How many members can I invite to my Education account?
- An Education account is set to 100 members for educators. If you're a student, your account is set to 10 members. If you would like to invite more users, feel free to share boards publicly with unlimited visitors or invite any number of viewers and commenters to individual boards via email
8. Can I create multiple teams within my Education account?
- No, multi-team functionality is not supported on Education plan. You can use projects to organize your boards or consider Consultant or Enterprise plans that support the multi-team feature.
Accredited educational institutions are provided with a discount for Enterprise plan, contact Sales for more details.
9. Can I move my boards from my other teams to my new Education team?
- Yes, please find the instructions here.
10. I have a Miro profile registered under my personal email and would like the Education team to be created in this profile. What do I do?
- Change your profile email to your work email following this guide and apply for Education plan under your work email.
11. I have a Miro profile registered under my personal email while Education plan has been created for my work email. How can I merge my two profiles? 
- You can move your boards from one profile to another using this guide.
12. Can I use Miro on mobile?
- Yes, to learn more about Miro Mobile App visit this page.
13. My Education team expired and I'm not eligible for Education plan anymore. What do I do?
- You can downgrade your team to Free plan. After downgrading to free, you can also upgrade your team to any other Miro plan.
14. Can I upgrade my Education plan to another Miro plan?
- Yes, please get in touch with Miro Support team.
Eligibility: Terms and Conditions
Eligibility: Eligible Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  1. Must be a qualifying educational institution accredited in the country of residence by an authorized governmental agency;
  2. Must be willing to provide proof of eligibility to Miro;
  3. Individuals are not eligible for this program;
  4. Not currently owning existing paid accounts;
  5. Anti-discrimination Policy. Must not advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background. Eligible Participants must be willing and have the authority to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to participate in this program.
Program Terms: Eligible Participants must agree to Miro’s standard terms of service. Offer valid for direct purchase and use only to Eligible Participants. Transfer and/or resale is strictly prohibited. Not valid on previous purchases, and cannot be combined with volume discounts or other product/order level promotions, discounts or offers. Not redeemable for cash. Miro reserves the right to cancel, modify, pause or terminate this program and its terms and conditions at any time. Miro reserves the right to refuse sale to any Eligible Participant in its sole discretion.
Promotional Rights and Case Study Participation: Eligible Participants must be willing to permit Miro to use their name and/or logo to identify Participant as a user and agrees to participate in a case study or testimonial if requested by Miro.
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