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Last updatedDec 5, 2019
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Learn how to use the Interface config.txt  directive to allow the specification of source IP addresses.
As more and more Internet Service Providers and individual resource providers adopt IPv6 standards, it could become increasingly necessary to specify whether EZproxy should use IPv6 or IPv4 to listen for login requests and database source IPs. The Interface directive provides this flexibility.
Interface is a position-dependent config.txt directive that is located near and interacts with LoginPort, LoginPortSSL, ShibbolethSite and database definitions.
The Interface directive allows the specification of source IP addresses for particular purposes, such as which IP address should be used to listen for incoming connections and which IP address should be used to make outgoing connections. In the absence of Interface statements, EZproxy allows the operating system to select which IP address should be used for these types of activities.
The Interface statement accepts a single parameter, which can be one of the following:
  1. One of the IP addresses on the server where EZproxy is installed.
  2. The word Any, which will tell EZproxy to listen on any IP address and allow the operating system to select the source IP address used when creating an outgoing connection.
 Note: The Interface statement was enhanced with EZproxy V6.0, which is the first version of EZproxy to support IPv6. The new functionality of this directive is noted with the heading V6.0 in the Example tab.
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