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How to find your EZproxy version
Last updatedMay 8, 2019
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Determine which version of EZproxy is running on your server.
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Choose one of the following options:
  1. If you are running EZproxy for Linux, enter a command like the following. Change /usr/local/ezproxy/ to the directory where EZproxy is installed.
    /usr/local/ezproxy/​ezproxy -v
  2. If you are running EZproxy for Windows, enter a command like the following. Change c:\ezproxy\ to the directory where EZproxy is installed.
    c:\ezproxy\ezproxy -v
  3. Alternatively, if you are running EZproxy for Windows, right-click on the ezproxy.exe file and select Properties. Go to the Version tab. Find the EZproxy version in the description.
  4. Visit the EZproxy administration page. The version you are running is listed there.
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