IU Career Navigator
IU Career Navigator
Welcome to the IU Career Navigator Tool

The IU Career Navigator is a tool for searching, browsing, and comparing jobs in the IU Job Framework using their role descriptors. The tool empowers current and future staff employees to explore potential career paths and consider what’s next for them at IU.

This tool is not used to view available jobs at IU. To view an up-to-date list of available jobs at IU, visit https://jobs.iu.edu

How to use the tool:

  • Use the “Title Search” field to look for specific role titles (examples: Designer or Advisor)
  • Filter by Function and/or Family to narrow your results to areas of interest
  • Filter by Career Level to narrow the results to roles at a specific career level (see Career Structures/Levels)
  • Select up to five roles to compare side-by-side or print

Begin by choosing your preferred campus below. You may choose another location at any time using the Location filter.
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IU Job Framework Glossary

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